How many people have died from Cannabis?

This is a survey..  How many people do you know, who have died from marijuana?

How about this.  How many people have EVER died from marijuana?

I’d like to know.  You can post in the forums about this.

Update:  here is some info to consider

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  • Christopher George

    currently only one person has ever died from the direct use of Cannabis ever. but many people have become victims of the side effects of the drug. As you would probably know, Cannabis makes the user become drowsy, paranoid and sometimes very hungry which also gives a feeling of slown time and reduces the chances of avoiding a car accident and other accidents.

    • bob

      Actually NO you are wrong , since 2727 bc . not one persons death was attributed to Cannabis . this has been confirmed by autopsy .
      the fact that the prohibitionists are using tactics to scare the public is to use public disinformation to increase their budgetary incomes.
      one person arrested for simple possession or growing more than 5 plants in Canada, gets on no less than three budgets for law enforcement , and not to mention the 200dollars a night stay in the crowbar hotel. while just taking an eraser to the Cannabis laws in Canada would save over 500 million dollars alone , leaving laws protecting people from drivers under the influence to protect against anything like that. and we would save 70,000 dollars times the amount of people 30,000 a year ( 2001stats) = a savings of $2,100,000.00 a year .
      how ever health Canada gets partial funding and studies paid for my corporate concerns as shown by the Health Canada scandal (see Dr Shiv Chopra) . this story has been debunked < any questions ? I am a speaker with Law enforcement against prohibition, and a medical cannabis patient.
      and I also know how the government is making a killing off this harmless plant. while making a mint off pharmaceuticals that more often than not kill.

  • Hey Christopher, if you are able to prove that even that one person died from cannabis, I would be more than happy to send you $100.

    BTW, I got a video for you:

  • Jeff

    Im with Ryan on this one noone has ever died from smoking weed the only way someone has died from smoking weed is when it was laced with a hard drug ex crack

  • josh farison

    I have never heard of anyone dying from smoking cannabis, I am 17 and have been smoking since I was 8 and I went 2 my physician and was told I am in almost perfect health. I started smoking every day since I turned 13 and am still smoking and love every second. I have never failed a grade of school and smoking before finals helps me concentrate, some people say it hurts work ethics and reaction time and I beg to differ, I ride cross country moto X and do freestyle moto X and have never had a major crash and never had 2 be sent to the hospital from crashing, I just walked it off and kept riding. And work ethics? I have been told by my boss that I am one of the best workers he has and remember I smoke every day, I do not know why the government won't legalize this mirical herb but I can honestly stop smoking any time I chose. But I do not chose to stop because I truthfully love it. I would risk life in prison for it and never plan on quitting. I strongly encourage everyone to try it at least once and if you don't like it just walk away, its really that easy, and no its not a gateway drug. All it does is make u happy, peaceful, hungry, then u fall asleep. U cannot OD. I have tried lol, u just fall asleep and wake up feeling amazing. It helps with pain, depression, anger, and even concentration. And sex after smoking is the best thing ever! Let's hotbox the ozone and all who smoke heep tokin and puff puff pass people! World peace is possible with cannabis! Peace out.

  • Dan Kennedy

    man i agree with you unconditionaly and although i am only 16 and have been smoking for only 1.5 years everything you say is true and i know from personal experience

    EX. last year i was a sopmore and before the winter break i was failing 3 classes and was considering dropping out. while on christmas break one of my best freinds said that it would releve stress so naturally i tried it. by the end of that year i had a GPA of 3.7 and i felt as if i was thinking clearer. now i smoke every day b4 school and i have 3 As and 4 Bs so just another acount to prove that legalization is really the only senceable option.

  • val wow smith

    hell no… i don't know of or know anybody who has died from weed. the government makes it illegal because they cant put a tax on it. they cant make a profit from it so they figure why have it ? id like someone else to comment on this please…. i feel like its ridiculous the way they make such a bad name for it…

  • Dasfsa


  • Guest

    It’s kind of interesting how everyone is concerned with the driving aspects of this drug. Why is anyone intoxicated while driving? Someone shouldn’t be smoking a blunt or joint and driving their car. Nor should someone be driving under the influence of opium related drugs, or any pain killer. Reaction time is reduced and drowsiness will take into effect.

    Chris I like how you general all people into those 3 categories, Drowsy, Paranoid, and hungry. You are not indicated doses, or how much the person actually used. Their tolerance levels. If someone smokes Cannabis for depression. Then they only consume about 50 mg/s of the drug. For example if they had consumed an 18% THC Sativa. Then they would gain an ample amount of Serotonin which will make them Hungry, Mood Increases, temperature may go up or down by a small degree, they’re heart rate may increase a little bit. Dry mouth and what not. But this will only happen for a short amount of time.

    As tolerance builds up. Temperature is fairly stable overtime and so is the heart rate. At 50 mg/s. The person is receiving 18% THC which would be about 8mg of THC in that 50 mg consumption. This is just 1 example for people suffering depression or anxiety.

    I am not a doctor. Just an expert. I have a Psychology background.

    Marijuana has in the past shown to cause psychosis, and increase schizophrenia related symptoms. But people need to remember this is a psychedelic, its something people should be prepared for. There is also more cases determining that marijuana can relieve symptoms of Psychosis and Schizophrenia.

    Marijuana is a psychedellic compound. It increases Serotonin primarily as we have seen in the past the “munches” are a serotonin release caused by Marijuana. This increases mood, appetite increases, temp increase or decreases, and heart rate also varies. There is also the psychedelic effect that also occurs as the Cannabinoids interact with the human bodies internal endocannabonoid system. This state of “ambigiousness” is welcomed by some and not by others. Some people don’t enjoy “tripping” or feeling odd but most people don’t mind. The serotonin takes care of the negative trips commonly caused by the state of consciousness. Since the mood is up, there is a lower chance of negative thoughts occurring. This is why it helps Schizophrenia and Psychosis. In small doses. Not more then about 100 milligrams. If Marijuana is over smoked there is very large neurochemical changes which occur. Some are effected but not everyone. People with good diets rarely have many problems. Keep in mind that Medical Marijuana patients smoke about 3-4 grams a day and on some occasion even more then that. Most psychosis cases happen in my opinion when there isn’t enough serotonin in the brain to accommodate to their state of “ambigiousness”, imagine this, someone smokes a 500-1000mg joint 3-4 times a day, they have a bad diet, they don’t get enough amino acids to produce the precursor elements in their body to make serotonin, one of which are tryptaphan, they’re brain will condition toward the Marijuana experience. It will maintain a large reserve of Serotonin for the body to regulate the heart rate and temperature but appetite and mood are neglected. This is when some Marijuana smokers are “conditioned” to the drug, since they cannot feel the same level of hunger or mood for normal meals without smoking. Even with high tolerance there are some people that can become very unstable in such an environment. I personally believe these would be the precursor elements to a toxic psychotic episode. If the person experiences too much tension in such an environment they may not have the same amount of control to maintain their mental integrity.  Paranoia can happen but I believe that this is only the cause of how the drug is portrayed by our environment. The environment being if someone is smoking the drug illegally or with permission from their doctor.  I’m not sure if Medical Marijuana patients get paranoid the same way illegal users do. A study should be done about that. I would be very interested in the results.

    I only know the tip of the iceberg. I am still learning every day.

    That was just an example above. I don’t have any cases of that happening but that’s just what I believe causes those Psychosis cases or exacerbation of schizophrenic symptoms. Hahaha but another note. The most powerful psychedelic in the world is DMT, Dimethyl-tryptamine. This is a schedule 1 substance. All over the world. Interestingly enough. It’s what allows you to experience dreams. DMT. Read about it. I believe its responsible for all ambiguous activity in the brain and if the most powerful psychedelic in the world is inside everyone’s Pineal glad and released all day and more at night. Let me ask you this. How often do you have the same dream? How often has this happened within the last 20 years? Then how dangerous is Marijuana in moderation?

    If Alcohol can be supported by politicians who say they moderately drink Alcohol then why can people not moderately smoke Marijuana? If someone is with their friends at a get together then whats wrong with smoking 200-500mg in that session? Especially if Medical Marijuana users smoke 3-4grams a day. What justifies their ignorance? Marijuana has killed no one. Alcohol has killed millions. “God made plants, man made alcohol. What do you choose? ”   – Anonymous

    I personally believe that Marijuana should be regulated like Alcohol, because it’s safer than Alcohol. In the past 90 years alone in Canada alcohol has claimed over 2 million lives. It kills 30,000 people every year. The numbers from America are probably about 11x more. Alcohol is glamorized by our society and loved by everyone. But 10% of those people become addicts and a portion of those people have children. Some women don’t stop drinking and have children. These women have offspring that usually suffer from FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME. FAS is a psychological and biological disorder that effects these children. There is a youtube of FAS/FAE below. Alcohol causes birth defects. Harming your unknowing neighbors and community members.

    These people have to suffer due to ignorance.

    There are large amounts of evidence from Spain and Portugal claiming that it cures Cancer. In Israel they are using it to help patients with organ transplants. As it helps prevent organ rejection.

    Rick Simpson’s Video curing Cancer patients and its avoidance by the Canadian Government. He left Canada as a result of a court ruling against him. He was producing up to 1600 plants in his Nova Scotia home to help his friends and neighbors curing their ailments. Marijuana has also been noted on regenerating skin tissue and removing scar tissue. Marijuana is the most potent therapeutic homeopathic plant on the planet. Look for information. Prove it to yourself.
    We are only now waking up to the lies. By the way. They never got high from their approach. They just ate it at 2-3 ml of hash oil. About 100% THC. Consumed it and became conditioned to it. Their tolerance went up. All of their inflamation related diseases disapeared. Depression went away. All without getting high. I wonder what else is being hidden from us.

    Prove to yourself the truth. (Definition of an Anecdote : a short account of a particular incident or event, especially of an interesting or amusing nature.)

    Breast milk has endocannabonids inside it. Called : 2-Arachidonoylglycerol. This proves that the Marijuana that we smoke has already been conditioned into our bodies. We have over the past 5000-10000 years been conditioned to it. Marijuana is not natural to North America. Europeans brought Marijuana over from Europe to grow it as medicine. It was recently banned within the last century because of anecdotal evidence. Also another note. HEMP seeds, and hemp plants also contain THC which means that we have had more evolutionary exposure to Marijuana and HEMP then any pharmaceutical drug known to man. Marijuana and HEMP out date all other substance in our medical system. Marijuana is the safest drug on earth. Using this premise.  Prove me wrong.

  • Billy_bob

    fuck you all cannabis is good foryou , you stupid wankers go suck your dead moms and shagg you dog you fuking cunts

  • Ljb

    This is most ridiculous thing I have ever stumbled across. Firstly, you are all in denial, don’t get me wrong, I have tried many different narcotics, but I have never been as ignorant to deny that they are chemicals and there are reasons they are illegal. And secondly, smoking cannabis can lead to drug induced psychosis, which has lead to the death of many people! Wise up losers, nothing less attractive than a stoner…smelly little fuckers they are!

    • james blackburn

      LJB I think psychosis is genetically predisposed not caused by cannabis

  • Joefresno55

    ORIGINALLY marijuana was outlawed not because it was a drug but because of racism. Look it up.

  • james blackburn

    don’t eradicate pollenate. medical herb has been on louisianas books SENSE 1978 the doctors probably don’t know about it. WAKE UP AND FIGHT LA.CITIZENS

  • I thought originally marijuana was outlawed because hemp was giving the wood industry a run for their money so they created the tax stamp system since they didn’t have the original authority to outright ban it.

  • The Truth

    Weed has killed thousands of people you ignorant fools. Nearly 8% of all automobile deaths are weed related. That may not sound like much but 1 in 81 people die from automobiles, add it up and that’s a ton of people. Second, for all you urban well off teen screw-ups your weed kills tons of Mexicans each day, around 1 dead per 11 smokers from the drug trade. Understand, I have no problem if you live in the mountains and keep a plant for yourself, but please be responsible about your weed!

    • A lot of people die from cheese burgers, in fact more people die from asprin.
      However, when I am asking “how many people has weed killed” I am specifically talking about directly related deaths like overdoses.
      Your numbers about how many people weed kills indirectly is not only unprovable, since you say “8% of car accident occur from people with weed in their system”, ya well what else did they have in their system? We’re they sleepy too? Were they talking on their cell phone? Had they also been drinking? You don’t know.