Will President Barack Obama keep his promise to decriminalize

I ask Barack Obama in this video if he will keep his word in relationship to decriminalizing marijuana.



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  • Q: “Will you consider legalizing marijuana so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and create a billion dollar industry right here in the U.S.?” S. Man, Denton

    A: President-elect Obama is not in favor of the legalization of marijuana.


  • Adam

    I do not believe Mr.Obama will legalize MJ.
    I do not believe Mr.O will decriminalize MJ.
    I do think Mr.O will encourage an enviroment where the truth about MJ will have a chance. I believe in the next 4 years we will see many more states adopt Medical MJ laws.
    I also believe we will see more states following the example set be MASS. What I call “$100 Decrim” reclassifies possesion charges as a Civil infraction vs. a misdemeanor crime.

    Only after several states have had little to no negative effects after these changes will this topic be addressed at the federal level.

    Stop!! I’m not saying this cant be changed. If we as the marijuana community get our shit together?

    I live in WA and I am looking for a fight,
    I hope I’m not the only one.

  • Adam

    I don’t think Obama will make any rash moves on this issue. I thik if pushed he will address medical MJ or General MJ research. Right now I have been sending letters to my state Reps. abour HB 1177-2009-10. It was read and sent to commity on the 14th. I sent a letter to (http://www.leg.wa.gov/HOUSE/hurst) His direct E-mail is ([email protected])

    • I love your optimism, and thanks for posting that CNN interview with Rep. Boehner!

  • Im going to post this link on the blogroll.


  • Adam

    Cool, Ryan do you ever visit the NORML Daily Audio Stash? > stash.norml.org

    I also part of a growing comunity there.

    It would be nice to see you there.

  • Thanks for the invite! What a great site!

  • Evanescent

    This was the MOST-asked question at Obama’s transitiion website. And he said NO! see


    I’m glad you found the 2004 video. It will help hold his feet to the fire.

    If I were you, I’d creat a new video, starting with the 2004 clip, then a screenshot of his website saying NO, and then ask him how we can take him seriously, and if he should have been prosecuted for his former use, admitted in his Dreams from my Father, which I’m not reading

  • I will do that! Thanks for joining the site!

  • I found these, I haven’t made my new video yet.

    Check this out>

    Barack’s policies and votes in the Senate damn near mimicked Bush.



  • Adam

    I believe that a persons votes only tell a small part of a much larger political picture. I think it’s clear to anyone who is watching, that Bush and Obama believe very different things. In just a few days Obama has overturned several bush ploicies, and changed the path of gov’t.

    I try to keep a more positive outlook than the NWO/international conspericay folks.

    I am very hopeful that Obama will undo some of the wrong done by gov’t over the last 40 years. no one is perfect but right now I happy.

  • I think our optimism and hope is what made everything that the last president was doing “ok”. Until finally “enough was enough”.

    Unfortunately all of the damage was done by the time that the people (his bosses) said “enough”!

    If we let Obama slide like we did Prez Bush, we will find out that our lack of criticism and our threshold of hope fueled by good will shall once again bite us in the ass!

    Obama talked and talked about decriminalization. Now his ONLY response is “Obama does not support legalization”.
    And says nothing about other decriminalization matters.

    Obama instead authorizes to overturn a ban on abortion of all things, and elects to send 100’s of millions around the world to help abortionists.

    Now THAT part is different than Bush. But on a lot of issues, Obama and Bush seem like they have the same puppet master.

    Big business wins again with this stimulas package. What a joke this guy is!

  • Adam

    I never said let him slip! My point is, it has been 10 days. If all Obama does is give americans like you and me “Hope” it will more than we have had for decades. lets have this conversation in a year and we will all a different view.
    If in the persuit of his own agenda the middle class and poor get a boost, I can live with that.

    And, When was “everything that the last president doing “ok”” that guy was a puppet at time I feel bad for him.{Scarry} He cirtianly never gave me optimism or hope. the only people who foud hope in him were billionaires and the far right.
    The majority was disconnected or ovrewelmed by the hoplessly childish congress.
    Many average citizens felt they had no vioce in the nation. Yes Obama will have his priorities and sometimes I will not agree with him but I feel in 4 years we will better a better nation. Lets talk in a year and see!

  • Hey man, your optimism is refreshing. Im just having a real bad day. Keep up the good work, and thank you for improving my prospective.

  • Adam

    I’m not trying to give you anything. I am just down with a good debate. Folks are sacred to have a debate these days. 1-you might have to admit your wrong 2-to debate you must know about the issues. Too many americans don’t fit the bill.

    If you can, smoke one on that nice boat. I will be smoken one with ya 🙂

  • Whether you intended it or not, it’s still good.

    And the debates are good. I wish Obama would address my video. Or some of the other videos that are out there. Or if nothing else, if he would at least address more clearly what his position is, in response to question on Change.gov.

    I feel like he lied to us. Im tired of politicans lieing, they need to be more upfront is all.

  • Im about to fire one up. Im just so lazy.. I haven’t had the ambition to even grind it up!

    I think I have ‘winter blues’..

  • TCF84


    The former Chief of Police for Seattle, WA is now the US Drug Czar. He was a very lenient man in terms of marijuana and was the main reason Hemp Fest was allowed to start up. His men were even in place at the even to “safety” patrol, but were directed not to make any busts for simple possession.

    President Obama is not going to address it directly. When he chose the new US Drug Czar he was addressing it then. Just in a much quieter fashion than people had hoped for. Four years is a long time to get this done, and once it is done, I assure you it will take much longer to try and undo.

    Don’t worry cannamaster. Your President has kept his bargain. Under the new Drug Czar, the DEA will no longer bust medical marijuana dispensaries in states where it is legal. This removes the fear from state governments about federal retaliation and loss of funding, and returns the power of decision to the people. What we vote as citizens, state by state, will determine where it is and is not permissible in the very near future.