30 Tons of cartel cannabis

This is not a large amount compared to how much cannabis actually gets produced and sold to consumers in the USA. 
The headlines read:

The Drug Enforcement Administration says it has busted a significant cross-border, drug-smuggling tunnel and netted about 30 tons of marijuana seized at two warehouses in the United States and Mexico, two days after California voters shot down a proposition to legalize the personal use of marijuana.

The lesson that we can learn here is that if the USA doesn’t capture the market, others are more than happy to pick up the slack.
The cartel either import the marijuana from over the border or they grow it on our land in the forest and they wreck our natural resources while they are at it.  What happens to the money?  It goes back to Mexico, to buy guns to shoot us up with.

Saying “No to Prop 19” increase the power and the amount of time that the cartels can capitalize on our prohibition.

That 20+ tons was worth about $100,000,000.   Just think how much that could have helped out farmers in our very own country?!

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