Another example how cannabis cures cancer:

This story of Cashy Hyde is a story of a 2 year old cancer survivor who won his battle against cancer with the help of cannabis oil.
This is something that people like Rick Simpson (Phoenix Tears) have been testing and promoting for years!

“He was just your average happy little kid,” said Mike (Cashy’s dad). “Then, he started to get to get sick.” That was shortly before Cashy’s second birthday.

Read the story of this amazing story of an extremely young cannabis survivor.


This is the Cash Hyde Foundation:>  http://www.cashhydefoundation.com/index.php

I lost my grandma and dad to cancer. You can read about losing someone close to you to cancer, this is a story from my family.   http://xcannabis.com/about/cannabis-for-cancer/
I have written a bit about this when my dad was dieing, which is how I got regularly talking about this issue.
Losing my dad was tough, I remember our pack  “Buddies forever” and a pinky shake.

We are sending some shirts to sacred heart, and maybe even Primary Children’s if we can find a recipient who would appreciate the message and not throw it away, “Cannabis Cures Cancer”.   It will make for good conversation though.

Here is a video that I made about this in 2009, this has always been an emotional issue for me.

End prohibition!



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