A day of freedom, or a day of censorship – talking to an atheist about religion

This is the day that America celebrates our rights, our liberty and our differences.
It seems like a great day to have a discussion about these things.  About our differences, about what makes America great!


Now as for tonight, Steve Elliot posted:

“With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”
~ Steven Weinberg

When I politely debated this with him (no insults coming from my end), he blocks me, and before doing so fires off one last insult on my wall.

This man is a journalist for “Toke of the Town”.  A blog that celebrates liberty of cannabis and other issues.  For a journalist and activist to be censoring a conversation is pretty disturbing.  So I filmed it, and I added my commentary.

I have saw examples of this type of behavior in the past when talking with other atheists.  This is not a one time occurrence for sure.

Take this example from Seattle Hempfest 2008 when a group of atheists congregate around one Christian man who is promoting his faith, and they start asking him straw man questions that really do not have much intellect behind them.


One atheists man points out “The entire Bible is written in a dead language.. Aramaic”, the Christian man attempts to correct him, by explaining that only possibly one book out of all 66 books in the Bible was written in Aramaic, the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, and before he could go on this man in the crowd starts loudly talking over this man shouting “Aramaic, Aramaic”..

Another example of this type of insulting behavior is when Richard Dawkins speaks to a crowd about atheism and is asked by a man what Richard thinks about his faith, Richard sarcastically tells the sincere and kind older gentleman that “he is hallucinating”.   No debate, or discussion, basically just a grandiose insult fest from Mr. Dawkins.  Which is not unlike him to do.

I just wish a few atheist would work on their public image as being able to have a respectful and rational discussion.

Some of the links that I spoke about in the video are as follows:










The conversation’s images:

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