A fight for religious sovereignty

The The Oklevueha Native American Church in Benjamin Utah had to fight for their freedom to practice their spiritual sacrament.   It is well known that Native Americans for thousands of years have used peyote in their religious services, and they consider peyote one of the most sacred elements of their religion.  I am not trying to speak for all Native Americans here, only that this is what I have understood from my limited prospective into this culture.

My wife and several sides of her family are Native American, the associated tribes are Cherokee, Bannock Shoshone, Paiute.   My wife and daughters are part Cherokee.  So I have some limited inside information to the practices that I am speaking about here.   My father always raised me as if though we were in a Native American Tribe, when we would hunt, or gather as a family, we had native American roles and traditions that we took part in and it made feel feel closer to the creator and the created.  I truly loved those times, and I miss my father deeply.

The way that this relates to xCannabis, is that in my European faith tradition, and the faith of my fathers which is Christianity, cannabis is a sacred ritual from the Bible.

I have demonstrated this several times in the past with books and well known rabbi’s who have translated the anointing of Moses ingredients from the Biblical passage of Exodus 30:23 to “cannabis” or “hemp”.
Refer to “The Living Torah
by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan (Author) .

You can see the pages that I am referring to in this video filmed by Roger Christie of the THC Ministry.

You can see a bit more about how cannabis has been used in religion (not just Christianity), for thousands of years.

herb bearing seed

But for me, Genesis 1:29 is enough for the religious argument.

It is obvious that Genesis 1:29 found in the very first page of the Bible authorized ALL herb that bear seed to be used for meat.  You don’t need to be a botanist to know that cannabis is an herb that bears seed.

So what is all of the controversy over?  Has cannabis (aka marijuana) ever killed anyone?  No.

So why are these prohibitionists so intent on denying me my religious sacrament?  Native Americans use mind altering substances in their religion legally, Catholics use fermented wine.   Whats wrong with cannabis?

Here is something that Barack Obama recently said about religions and the free expression of religion.

If we have religious freedom in our country, then marijuana is legal to use in religious practices, as it has been for thousands of years.

To learn more about the Oklevueha Native American Church    see this link:  http://www.nativeamericanchurch.net/

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