A letter from Roger Christie that I got in email

I am just sharing this beautiful email that I got from Roger and Share Christie;

Hello out there to friends we know and those we’ve yet to meet,

Aloha.  Share and I hope this finds you and those you love in top-shape and high spirits on this beautiful, troubled, and promising planet Earth.


Share and I send a sincere * thank you * for helping us in prayerful and practical ways since our arrest in July 2010, and throughout my incarceration without bail since then.  Although we would prefer that I was preparing our legal defense from home, we’re glad that all the other co-defendants of the Green Fourteen have been allowed to be free before trial, and we wish them and their families the very best.  Please know that Share and I promise to do our best to keep working for the ultimate victory of the Green Fourteen, the THC Ministry, and the overall liberation of the Cannabis hemp plant.


We all know that spirit is bigger than government, and that Cannabis is an essential and unique gift of God and nature to humanity.  We seek to correct the fraud of misclassifying ‘marijuana’ as a Schedule 1 controlled substance with spiritual principles and THC Ministry methods resulting in a win in court.  We know now that the classification of Schedule 1 for ‘marijuana’ has recently been proven to be scientifically untenable, and that it’s always been arbitrary, capricious and a fraud.  We seek to prove through our thoughts, words and actions that Cannabis really is “the sacrament of the peace culture” and a medical miracle.


Share and I feel like we have a case that can make a historic legal precedent that will help to liberate Cannabis from the long tyranny of prohibition and the economy of scarcity, crime and violence it has produced.  We have science, history and the personal experience of millions of people on our side.  We’re making progress with our legal contest for the basic Constitutional and human right to be free to practice our religion in private at home and in church.  According to the latest polls, we now have a majority of public opinion going for us, too.  When we win, religious and spiritual freedom for Cannabis wins.  The possibility of a much happier, healthier and wealthier future awaits all of us in the very near future.


Fortunately, our work to prove the spiritual and medical benefits of growing and using Cannabis gets easier every week.  Scientific studies from the U.S.A. and other countries can now be gathered on the internet with a quick search and the push of a button.


1.)  The facts show that Cannabis hemp can prevent cancer and reduce tumors, stimulate the appetite and reduce pain.

2.)  Cannabis has been shown to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig’s disease) where no other safe and effective remedies exist.

3.)  Science proves that Cannabis is neurogenetic and neuroprotectant, it builds and protects brain cells.  Also that hempseeds are one of nature’s most perfect foods.

4.)  The U.S. government has held a patent since 2003 to process cannabinoids from Cannabis plants into a stunning array of very promising medicines, although it still denies those life-saving medicines to its own citizens.

5.)  On October 16th oral arguments will be heard in Washington, D.C. Circuit Court to re-Schedule ‘marijuana’ into a category that would allow it to be used and researched as medicine for the first time in a century in the U.S.A.


These and more are exciting developments are like a harmonic convergence that makes us feel like we’re right on time with our religious defense.  We seek to correct the continuing lie of marijuana prohibition, and with your help we can do so.


Cannabis is the safest and most commonly-used spiritual / religious sacrament in human history.  It must be nourished and preserved in the one country on Earth, ours, founded on the freedom of religion.  We have a sacred job to do, and Share and I feel that we’re on-purpose and on-course with our case.  We’re now in the home-stretch to our trial scheduled at this time to begin on March 12, 2013.  We have the opportunity to file motions and have public court hearings for religious use, and even to dismiss our case based on the misclassification of ‘marijuana’.  We’re excited for the opportunity our case presents to end marijuana prohibition and liberate this natural, useful, safe and holy herb.  We look forward to a victory in defense of the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.


As we ‘practice what we preach’ we see our case as a “blessing in disguise” – a way for spirit to help us in our mission.  We’re very grateful for your prayers and kind words of support and encouragement.  We both thank you if you’ve made a cash donation to us as our finances have been and continue to be challenged.  We thank you if you’ve sent emails, letters, cards, books or magazines to help sustain me here in this federal detention center, and to Share at home.  We live in gratitude every day for our many blessings far outnumber our injustices.  We live in gratitude for you, the friends we know and those we’ve yet to meet.  We ask our Judge, and then our jury for justice, and we ask you for your continued support.  Please search your conscience and, if spirit guides you, please make a contribution to our cause today.  I humbly ask you to make a generous donation and send it to:


Share Christie

P.O. Box 1643

Pahoa, Hawai’i 96778


If you need a tax deduction for your donation, please send it to:


Drug Sense

c/o “Roger Christie’s THC Ministry Case”

14252 Culver Drive 328

Irvine, California 92604-0326


Mahalo and aloha,


Roger and Share Christie


THC Ministry



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