A spring of protesting in the Zion Curtain

Last month marked a new showing of support for marijuana legalization in South East Idaho.

There have clearly been a lot of support throughout the rest of Idaho for Marijuana legalization.  Including Hailey Idaho which have twice passed a series of initiative that we passed by the voters of the city, and despite that these initiatives were overturned, one thing is clear and that is that Idaho, like four of our neighbors (who have already legalized medical marijuana) is ready for legalization.   Right now these four neighbors have at least legalized medical marijuana; Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Montana all have legal medical marijuana laws.  Oregon and Washington have gone a few steps further by decriminalizing simple possession in many areas of their state.

I am calling for marijuana reform in Idaho, and I am putting everything I have behind this movement.  If you would like to join up with xCannabis in Idaho and form a NORML chapter, we can start getting even more work done.

Visit  www.NORML.org to join NORML.  If you would like to broadcast your pro-liberation (of marijuana) message on xCannabis, then join the conversation!   You can now upload your own videos directly through xCannabis.  Just write a post, and at the bottom of the posting page, there is an option to upload a video.
You can upload a new conversation topic or opinion, or you can upload a response to someone else’s video.

Interactive Video button

< use this button when writing or editing a post to leave a video comment.  You can use your webcam, or you can upload a new video, or even select a youtube video to respond with.

Let get this conversation fired up!

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