Cannabis Faith

I have wrote a lot of random blog posts and made a lot of video blog posts on this subject of “cannabis faith”.
I am not claiming to be an expert, I am just introducing you to knowledge that I have discovered through my life.

Cannabis and Religion
Cannabis and Faith


My name is Ryan Thompson, aka Reverend Ryan. I have been studying theology and praying for over 10 years.
In my youth I did a lot of soul searching. From a young age I was interested in varieties of religions and faith traditions.

At age 14 I started studying Neo-Pagan and ancient pagan beliefs, including Wicca, Druidism and other Celtic and Nordic faith traditions.   My older cousin was dabbling in this and I looked up to her.
I read a library of pagan books including well known pagan authors such as D.J. Conway and Scott Cunningham.

I am still blessed by the earthly consciousness and beauty.

When I moved out of home and started finding my own path between the age of 17-19, I moved in with a wonderful woman her family. I was blessed with Hindu culture, Native American culture and other metaphysical healers and books. I continued that path until I was 21 years old and I had been praying and seeking a closer relationship with my creator. I had read the Bible several times, and since my family were LDS/Mormon, I had read a lot of religious commentaries on the Bible and LDS related scriptures.

I had finally found myself at my lowest point in life and I asked for Jesus to bless me, and take care of me. I prayed a prayer that still significantly is remembered by me and I think about it all of the time still, 10+ years later. I believe that I had a divine encounter with the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. I asked for relief, and it was given to me almost instantly and obviously. I was overwhelmed by the incredible response by this elusive and invisible force that for most of my life I was both afraid of, and skeptical of. But I had found a sense of trust via listening to reggae music and studying the Ras Tafarian faith. By this time I had been to several “Rainbow Gatherings” and Dead Shows and had plenty of compelling and mind changing conversations with elders of the Ras Tafarian faith and shamans of other like minded beliefs.

After saying this prayer, and finding a refreshing change of prospective, I was picked up hitch hiking by a youth pastor named Nathan Rhoads.

This young man was a dedicated disciple of the Lord and he had been pastoring a youth ministry for a Methodist church for a few months.
His zeal and passion for helping others, and living like the Lord Jesus inspired me. He was available for all of my questions, even the dumb or repetitive ones. He showed charity and all measure of kindness when I was down.

I found more reason to pray and read about this faith. I slowly developed a relationship with my Creator, and I was healed of pain and baggage from the past. There was so much evidence and love that had surrounded me when I connected to the source, that it was even more evidence for me to know my Lord.



I had given up tobacco, and all other drugs. I stopped using cannabis, very rarely used alcohol, and I refused prescription medication.

I lost my little brother to prescription medication overdose when he was only 16, and I just tried to cope without needing anything to help my ailments.
I stuck to a good diet and a lot of good exercise, and I was able to maintain my injuries and health conditions without supplements.

But after 7 years of not using cannabis I started working 3rd shift, and I started getting very frequent cluster headaches, a monster that I had lived with all of my life. The change in daylight and waking hours caused a particular stress on my body that brought these debilitating headaches back.
When these headaches are strong, I lose my vision and my ears ring fiercely, not to mention the most incredible pressure that you can imagine.

So I started seeing doctors, they gave me Imitrex, Midrine, and Steroids. I felt like crap on that medication, so I used some weed that was given to me by a client. It cured my headache without all of the yucky feelings of the other medication, and it worked much much faster!

So I got a recommendation from Dr. Muhammad Said in Spokane, and I have been using cannabis as a medicine ever since.


God gave all of the herb that bear seed

Back to the Rasta Fari belief system. I have been a disciple of Christ for over 10 years now, and I have found that beyond a doubt that Cannabis is an essential part of Judaic and Christian worship and rituals, including the anointing oil of Moses and the words found in the first page of the Bible, Genesis 1:29.

Many Rastafarian disciples believe this as well.


I find a strong connection to the claim of King Halie Selassie I being a decedent of King Solomon, and the Lemba being decedent’s of Aaron (the first High Priest in the Bible), and what the Rasta Farian’s believe.

I don’t claim to have any label, including that of Rasta, but I find these studies fascinating and true.  I highly recommend learning more about the Lemba tribe.




I am an ordained minister now, and I teach of Christ and the anointing oil. Some of my religious influences are:



Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Josh McDowell

Bob Marley

Peter Tosh

Fantan Mojah

Lutan Fyah

Thomas Murphy

Roger Christie

Chris Bennett

Pastor Chuck Smith






For reference, not all Rasta’s believe that Halie Selassie I is Jesus incarnate or God in the flesh.

Listen to Halie Selassie I on the subject.


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