Adam Kokesh vs. Terroja Kincaid

I enjoy Adam Kokesh  (aka Adam Vs. The Man) quite a bit, and I have listened to Terroja Kincaid (aka The Amazing Atheist) and I think he gets too cynical and sarcastic to make many solid points..
I like the way Adam lays down philosophy, politics, strategy and debate without getting into personal attacks.  But in this debate you can decide which style and points you like best.  I think this is a good argument that comes up a lot with other activists that I work with on legalization.   These discussions shape a lot of friendships that I have so I would like to show it from an outside POV.


Professional Ranter Amazing Atheist:
Former Marine, radio host, activist & Lover of Liberty ADAM KOKESH

Professor Hip Hughes (moderator): ?


More commentary on this subject.

1st this is why I love independent media, and here is another example why:
Monsanto Cancer Milk: FOX NEWS Kills Story and Fires Reporters!

Here is an example in history of what Adam is talking about, that worked for over 1000 years:

Ancient Ireland’s success with the free market and a stateless society

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