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I’ve been meaning to for a long time now do some kind of a story on Herbal Medical Providers in Spokane. 
I have been being blessed by their medicine for the last few months, and I am impressed by their passion, and their dedication to getting medicine to people who need it.  These are one of few dispensaries in the country who are pushing for full legalization of marijuana.
They carried I-1068 forms in their dispensary, and passed out I-1068 t-shirts that we made with our screen printing business. 
Their prices are average or below average, and they have edibles, oils, hash, cannabis infused skin cream, lip balm and more!
I will get an interview one of these days, when time allows.  But meanwhile please check their website at:

As long as a dispensary supports marijuana for the rest of us, meaning full legalization I will give endless love to them.
But when a dispensary intends on hording all of the benefits of cannabis via a legal but restrictive market, then I will not support them.
I started a facebook group that was designed along that principle.

Dispensaries, if you don’t support legalization I wont support you

I also started a new blog at titled “Police Watch”

Police Watch

Now surveillance is a two way street

Also, I-1068 is giving it 110% for these last few days that are left.  Please people get out there and participate in winning your liberty!

Just get 2 sheets, only 40 signatures, and get them in ASAP!

See what you can do to help at:

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