Affirmation of racism in commedy, have we regressed?

So last night on a friend’s blog post, this comment was shared;   HERE

What the white man dIdn’t take from the Native Americans:
-revering the elderly
-concept of sharing
I left a few comments as did a few others.  If the link at the top is still available you will be able to see what was said, if not you can see my recap below.
Friar Ryan Always racism. We rever the elderly. Had I not gotten in a car accident we would still be taking care of my 92 year old grandma. Its sad that people are so ready to dump their elders off in a facility and take the easiest way out. But its not just whites that do this and also so-called natives brutally took this land from the first settlers who were Europeans that arrived here 17000 years ago which was 7000 years before the Asians who we now call “natives” This is from a mainstream perspective so it doesn’t…See More

This is our journey to the sacred Lovelock Caves in Lovelock NV. This is the hom…See More
Friar Ryan My wife and kids are Cherokee. But not even my inlaws are into this bullshit race baiting. The more natives make dumb blanket statements about whites the more they look like racist fuckups. It would be like some racist white person saying. “All natives are drunks”. Either statement. Be it the statement in the OP or that “all natives are drunks” is ignorant and racist.
Then this comment came up, which seemed like one of two things to me.  Either affirmation of racism or an excuse for racism;
(un-named)  Did anyone realize Sarah Silverman is a comedian?
To which I said:
Friar Ryan Hey racism is really fuxking funny isnt it Steve.

Michael Richards is a comedian that people have ACTUALLY HEARD OF and not many people thought his racist rant was very funny. I dont give a fuck if Sara is a comedian. She is obviously a racist.

Read the original story from 2006 here:…
I realize there is a certain sense of “the white man is greedy, cruel and should be put in their places” in this country.
I recently had this discussion with a good friend.  Someone who gave our baby boy a hand knitted beenie, and who we supported with moral support and t-shirts during the I-1149 campaign, who is no longer a friend.  She started talking about how the natives were peaceful and kind and didn’t have the same problems as the Europeans who would come and “conquer the land”.  Ignoring that native american tribes enslaved other tribes and conquered other tribes all throughout their history.    This was my response to her;

So my last important post in this conversation from last night was;
I used to love Eddie Murphy when I was a pre-teen.  I watched his stand up all of the time, and it was very racist, and in a lot of ways it exposed a lot of problems that America still faces in this day and age.  He was hilarious.
But adding fuel to the fire with untrue notions like Sara Silverman did with her post last night, is not helping anything in my opinion.  It is a duty I feel obligated to stand up against such racist notions.   Because complacency does not help, nor does affirmation.  Rejecting racism is the only way to help this problem heal.
I got this tattoo when I was 17, and one on my chest.
Skins and Punks Everywhere Against Racism.  S.P.E.A.R
I grew up in a very racist/Mormon environment and I had to make a stand and break free.
This tattoo is how I made my stand.

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