An Epiphany, truly a life changing experience

Waking up to the truth about marijuana prohibition, and seeing the attacks that the US government has waged on the American people caused me to reconsider my position on supporting policies of right wing conservative issues.


When I was a kid, I wanted to see our country get better so that my dad could get a better job and be happy. I got very interested in CSPAN and political talk shows like the Rush Limbaugh show.

My dad was a dedicated, democratic party supporter. If it was republican, he was against it. If it was democrat supported he was for it. He was a union man, and worked in the steel industry.
He was locked into dogma.

As a polar opposite I wanted to do something different to see if it worked. I imagined that the Small Business boost that Ronald Reagan gave to small businesses, and the capitalistic principles of our country is what made sense.

After watching Janet Reno (who worked under Bill Clinton) handle the Ruby Ridge / Randy Weaver issue, I felt betrayed by our government. That was a truly horrible event. Then to watch what happened in Waco TX, another influential event in my teenage years. I did not want to go down that path any longer.

But on the opposite side of the spectrum, there was George Bush’s dad, who was crooked and the right wing, ‘moral majority’ force in politics. They were equally corrupt, but they just hid it better by being against unpopular social attitudes like gay rights, and abortion. They were puppets.

I always hoped for there to be a middle ground that had some integrity. That is the Libertarian political movement in my opinion, and I started supporting Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, and other very intelligent Libertarians.  I try to stay away from party politics, so I don’t declare any party.  But I liked Mike Gravel (who my wife supported) and Nader of course, and I was very swayed by Ron Paul, but the US medical industry scares me too much, but he had some solid and sensable views.

This video is just my ramblings about our freedoms, and why my current political opinions have been influenced by these epiphanies of my past.

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