Another case of mob mentality Vancouver riots

I think it is ironic how in a time where I am very critical of mob mentality, lobby’s and group thinking, that this riot would happen during something as petty as a hockey game!  Seriously, a hocky game?
People invest way too much emotional investment in something that means practically NOTHING!

It’s a GAME, have fun!  Don’t burn your fricken city down!

I have been highly critical of mob thinking and mob mentality.  I have posted several blog posts on my website about mob mentality.

I posted this link on April 30th 2011.

Mob mentality has been a major thorn for me, growing up in the LDS church.  I was raised in a very religious community, by parents who became very religious after living most of their life as partiers and non-religious people.

When I was baptized into a church, I was 8 years old, it was against my will, and I had no idea what it was all about.

That seems common for mob mentality.  People associate themselves with a group that seems strong and seems to fit what they believe in, without really considering what it is all about.  It’s just the social aspect of it.

In this video I use the example of Nazi Germany.  It’s not that all of Germany were Nazi’s, it was the fact that a few leaders in Germany had some dastardly plans, and few people bothered to research the facts, or pay attention to the writing on the walls.  Many knew that Jews were being gassed by the millions, and decided not to speak out against it for one reason or another.  Mostly it was “patriotism”.  Don’t speak out against the government, because that’s not patriotic seemed to be the mentality.

Well I won’t follow the leader.  I will be a leader even if its only on a small scale, such as my life and my family.  But I refuse to follow groups, or mobs.

One more thing that I have had a conversation that relates to all of this.  I recently had someone tell me on facebook that Atheism is not a religion.   Atheism holds as much mob mentality as any other mob or religion or group.   Also Atheism by definition and by a court ruling is in fact a religion:

Definition of the word religion doesn’t always include a belief in God, just a principle or a belief in something.   A belief that there is no God qualifies.

According to Oxford dictionary:

Pay attention to this part:  “be/become a believer/an atheist/an agnostic/a Christian/Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist, etc.”


“7a. a cause, principle, system of tenets held with ardor, devotion, conscientiousness and faith, a value held to be of supreme importance, 7b. a quality, condition, custom, or thing inspiring zealous devotion, conscientious maintenance, and cherishing.”

Or see where the courts ruled that atheism is defined by law as a religion:
Sorry, just because some people claim to be “an atheist” doesn’t mean that they are not a part of mob rule themselves.

You can see how atheism became mob rule during WWII under state instituted atheism ruled by atheist regimes like that of Stalin in Russia where 60 million people were slaughter because of their religious beliefs.

State atheism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I think it’s funny how people think when they are atheist they are “non-conformists”.   Sad how people get fooled into these beliefs.

Another good video about the riots and mob mentality. She supports a “good form” of mob mentality, and I think she makes some good points.

And a great song by Drop Kick Murphy’s “Mob Mentality”

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