Another GLOWING example of why we need hemp production!

There are so many reasons, in fact the reasons appear to be endless, and counting them is impossible because just when we find one new reason that we need to get our hemp production back, we find a new innovative and unique way that hemp benefits human-kind.

In the Japan nuclear disaster that after over 5 months of melting down out of control, it is now known that the meltdown has burned through the earth into ground water, and the insane amount of nuclear radiation poison being release into the atmosphere is blowing up out of control with the ground water helping to create radiated steam.

This poison is reaching around the world and is the worst nuclear disaster, in fact the worst world disaster in history.

This need for fuel can be partially if not fully re-leaved by hemp fuel production.

Hemp produces a lot of fuel in a very small footprint, and can grow just about anywhere.  Micro-fuel production is beneficial over importing fuel like petro as well, because it takes less fuel to transport.

Rudolph Diesel created the diesel engine to run on hemp fuel.   Hemp can also make ethanol fuel.

Even if hemp can’t completely satisfy the worlds fuel needs, it does relieve a lot of the burden and allows alternative fuels and energies to fill in the gaps.

This is one of the main reasons that I reject the medicalization of cannabis, because we need FULL legalization to utilize this very useful and necessary crop.  Medicine is a small fragment of the need that we have for cannabis.  Hemp is so much more necessary than medical marijuana.

Medicalization keeps the plant regulated and restricted, and that is why I reject that approach.

Please watch this video about the Japan crisis:

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