Are they all evil? Politicians who seem to be working against the people

After years of careful research, a 12 year old girl enlightened me to a truth that I had suspected for a very long time.

All of the presidents in our country less one, are directly related to a 12th century English king (John Lacklund).

This is a video that I made about that link (I used content from a news stations as well);  (opens in a new window)


With that established without a doubt.  What next?  Do we give up on our political system knowing that both sides are working together for a small portion of the population?  Surely not all of them are in on some evil agenda, right?

Of course not.  It’s like with any family.   Sometimes there are a few misfits that give the entire family a bad name, and sometimes there are a few misfits who give the rotten family a good name.  This goes with almost every family.  Humans are not robots.

What I have learned is that under a democrat congress and a democrat executive office in 1913 our country adopted two of the most destructive laws in the entire history of this republic.  The income tax act and the federal reserve act.

These were not the first attempts to enslave the American people via currency and debt.  But these two were the most successful.   Abraham Lincoln opposed an attempt at central banking too and it is alleged that he died for his opposition.  See the following links;

John F. Kennedy was the next president to oppose central banking and the federal reserve system; see the links below

Ronald Reagan also had an attempt on his life shortly after opposing central banking in 1981; see the links below

Seeing the opposition to the funding for the beast as in the links and lives of the presidents above, it shows that not everyone from this monarchy was a bad egg.  It seems that despite coming from money and power and a US monarchy that these three presidents on occasion made the right choice and stood for it.  They weren’t perfect, but they tried from what I can see to do the right thing.

So now we get back to “two heads of the same serpent” and “all parties are bad” and “you can’t trust any politician”.

I somewhat agree with that, but Im not ready to give up and walk away, which is why I supported Ron Paul in the last election, and I would support him or Gary Johnson again if they ran (preferably Ron Paul).

I wrote up a small article about this in the last year, before the last elections.

Why would someone who favors civil rights and liberty join the Republican Party?

I do see the big picture, and I have noted how I believe that (not always) but in the big picture that the Republican Party has been as Frederick Douglas has said;  I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.

Now they have had their recent surge of neo-cons, and they are much like the neo-liberals.  However, I believe that the Republican Party has much more merit than the strongest opposition, even if they are working on the same team as “good cop/bad cop”.

After a conversation tonight, I thought I would clear this up for a few people.

~Ryan Thompson  6/14/2013

PS  You may be wondering why a cannabis blog/er is talking about things like the Federal Reserve and not marijuana.

This is very much related to marijuana.   In the last presidential election, there were two candidates who supported ending marijuana prohibition (both republican) and there was one that supports prohibition more than any president in history.  Both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson supported ending prohibition.   Then there is Obama.

See this link:



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