Are votes/voters from Washington who vote Yes on I-502 incompetent or…. ?

What is it with voting for this very narrow exception in the law in i-502.  Some people who I admire very much or have admired in the past are voting “Yes on I-502”.  I just can’t see the intent here?   Most of these people have never been arrested for marijuana possession of under an ounce, most of these people whom I have been speaking with have never been arrested at all.   But they say “there are 10,000 possession arrests in Washington every year, this will save those people from being arrested”.   Uh yah..  Those people who are A.  Not under 21  and B. Have less than an ounce.
So yes a few thousand people will not be arrested for cannabis possession in WA every year if I-502 passes.  I get how great that is.  Big milestone right?!   Not really, because over a dozen other states have already decriminalized an ounce.  Washington won’t be the first.   I live in a state where those 18 and over can possess an ounce without committing a crime.  Not 21+ and CERTAINLY not with any new restrictions on driving or other daily functions.

So why reject I-502, it makes some progress?   Some have asked/stated.

Well the progress is off set by the regress.  When we are trying to defeat prohibition with prohibition we have not made progress instead we have begun chasing our tails.

I made the video below to explain my thoughts on this and I’ve compared I-502 again with the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.

For all intents and purposes the opinions express here as always represent my opinions only.  I am not a member of any group, and I do not want to be.  I represent me alone, Ryan Thompson.  You may comment below, respond via a video of your own, or email me personally @  But you will get a response from me, not some executive director, or some lobbyist representing whatever industry or another.  You will only get MY reply and MY opinion.

Description of the video:

I will not apologize for calling a vote for I-502 out as foolish, idiotic, regressive,  or incompetent.

This is as a result of a conversation that I had with some people on a debate regarding I-502, and I ended up having a small insult exchange with an activist that is in favor of I-502.  John Davis vs. Ryan Thompson.

—  See this conversation on facebook:
Also in the conversation that was taking place on Facebook, I mentioned the lobbyist tactics used by the Washington Cannabis Association and linked to this blog post and video of the WCA meeting that I went to on 1/12/2011.
That post has since disappeared or I for some reason can not find it.

But basically (as can be heard on this video after minute 40 and before minute 50) the Washington Cannabis Association (WCA) was going around asking dispensaries for $5000 to allow them “voting rights” in the new cannabis industry, which was being fueled by SB 5073’s provisions to allow dispensaries.
The law was bad law, but the WCA promoted it without many reservations, and asked everyone else to support it as well.
Phillip Dawdy can be heard in the video saying “If the law doesn’t get written like we want it to look we can pull the plug on it”  He went into the proposal to explain further how the WCA are friends with Senator Kohl-Wells and the governor’s daughter and this issue was in the hands of the WCA.  “So just pay us $5000 to represent you, and we will get the law crafted like you all want it to look like or we’ll kill it” (Paraphrased)

See the blog post and the video at this link:

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