(response) Ask NORML: Viability of the Religious Use of Marijuana Defense

This is in response to Keith Stroup in regards to the video made by NORML  titled “Ask NORML: Viability of the Religious Use of Marijuana Defense“.



This is a post that I refer to at the NORML Stash blog, about “The Church of Lighter Wallets”.


This is the information that I referred to about the case in 1993 when cannabis religion was recognized by the 9th Circuit court of appeals.

This is more regarding Ed Forchion (NJWeedman)   http://NJWeedman.com

This is the site of the Native American church of James Mooney  where a Native American shaman was allowed to give non-Native Americans a Schedule I drug (In UTAH) .

State of Utah v. James W. Mooney, 98 P.3d 420 (Utah 2004)

I do not agree with NORML’s assessment of the law, or of history, or of the way they seem to condone ignoring our constitutional rights.

Prohibition also violates our right to “Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

I also wish that NORML would be more respectful of those out there who are religious and who are fighting for cannabis freedom and religous freedom, specifically speaking about the blog posts about Roger Christie.


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