Athiests point of view on Christianity at Hempfest

I found this video on the net today and the topic is very key to Christians and non-Christians to get a long.

So many non-Christians attack Christianity on the basis of the Old Testament.  
But Christians do not live under the Old Covenant.   I explain more about this topic in the video below.
I’ve included scripture references to help pinpoint the doctrinal prospective that I explain.

Scripture References
-> Genesis 18 (first appearance
of Christ)

-> Numbers 3:10  (first covenant)
-> Exodus 24  (the two different

-> Exodus 28 (Priesthood)
->  Hebrews 7 (Jesus fulfilled
the law of Moses with his own
blood sacrafice)

Old Testament VS New Testament HempFest Conversation
Some patrons of hempfest approached the street preachers and started lecturing the preacher on the Bible and trying to get these guys mad.
I think these preachers did a wonderful job.

Original video here:

I made this blog post back in October before I watched this video that I am responding to from houseofheathens (here on youtube).

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