Back When NORML fought for REAL Liberty

This video is in response to a discussion that I had with Russ Belville of NORML on the NORML LIVE show today (2/24/2012).   This show was broadcast at 5pm PST, and I was able to have about 20 minutes live with Russ.

Back When NORML fought for REAL Liberty -… by xcannabis

We talked about the draw backs of I-502, and Russ explained to me why he thought compromising with I-502 is a good thing, despite the UN-scientific and unproductive (in fact regressive) DUID law that it implements.

Russ told me that NORML and the ACLU shouldn’t be expected to support initiatives tat Sensible Washington proposed, based on how young these groups are, and how he believes their proposals are UN-realistic.

I started to tell Russ how Dr. Ron Paul has stayed consistent for all of these years in congress, and during his last two presidential campaigns his support has literally more than quadrupled amongst republicans despite that he supports topics that typical neo-cons do not support.

When I started talking about Ron Paul, Russ got angry and then hung up on me.
But I think that the debate was civil and on topic, and I think that my comparison to Ron Paul was extremely helpful in looking at things.

I also liked NORML a lot more when they supported Ron Paul, and when they interviewed Ron Paul.   Now NORML is practically ignoring Ron Paul.
So in this video I played an interview with Ron Paul and Chris Goldstein back on May 24th 2007.

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