Baptist Preacher giving some voting advice (worth listening to)

Could this be?!
Good stuff! 


He’s a little eccentric.  But a Baptist preacher that is this progressive.  Im suprised!

Maybe there is hope for America in the near future!   I was starting to see some bad shit coming our way with people blindly following their pre-chosen cookie cutter mold. 

Orthodox Christians typically go one way

And pretty much everyone else goes their own unique and creative way. 

Then sometimes the others band together behind a democrat..  But only because we are tired of being abused by a hard core right wing nut job. 

So as this preacher says “we take the lessor of two evils”.  Which is the wrong avenue. 
Settling for one is like settling for less freedoms, and more bullshit…  And possibly starting a world war or something.

Decisions like this are far too important.  Even if you are handing out a protest vote. 
My advice is vote your heart, don’t follow the pack just for the sake of coming up with an easy decision. 

Im still going for Nader myself!

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