Racism in the USA revisited – What is racism?

Hi this is Reverend Ryan AKA Ryan Thompson.   I have spoken about this topic only a handful of times.  Usually when there is rioting or violence, or when someone has gotten killed by police without an obvious reason.

Racism in the USA has pressed me in my life pretty hard.  Growing up in Utah, I was 14 years old when young 14 year old Sammy Weaver was shot in the back by federal agents while they were illegally on his family’s property.  I was in the next state over when this happened, and I watched in horror when the FBI (Janet Reno) changed the rules of engagement, and they started opening fire on unarmed people on the Weaver’s property, eventually sniping Vicky Weaver when she was holding her infant baby in the doorway of their cabin.   They shot her right between the eyes, and she was merely holding a baby, no weapons, and she was in her own home.

Randy Weaver was the subject of the massacre.  Randy Weaver a decorated soldier who had never been in trouble in his life, was entrapped by the FBI (so that they could make him an informant), and then missed court on his first offense.   So the government sent agents to his property without a warrant, and when they got there Sammy Weaver was walking his property when agents startled him.  He fired off some warning shots, and the agents shot him in the back as he was running away.

This stirred up a major national incident that was on every news station for weeks while the stand off took place.

Eventually skinheads and other locals came to peacefully protest the siege on this family.  When I saw this, it made me angry at the government, and I decided to start dressing the role of skinhead culture.   I had only 2 other friends that were very serious about this “skinhead” culture, Seth and Steve.   But it wasn’t about being a part of a group, or mob-mentality.  Rather, I just wanted to do SOMETHING to protest the government and what they were doing to honest and good people of this country.
I mean seriously!  Shooting a 14 year old in the back?  Sniping an unarmed mother who was holding on infant?   On American soil?  On the family’s property?!  I was outraged, and I was even more outraged to find that other people were not outraged as well.

For years I had many heated conversations with friends and family about this.   I have a cousin that partially grew up with in my teenage years, who is gay.  She took major offense to my position, and eventually we stopped talking.  This was the case with several relationships.   Even 20+ years later I still get the same old “you were racist” (when I was a teen).

Admittedly, after I saw what happened in LA on April 26th 1992, I did have some disparaging words for the rioters, and though I am ashamed to admit it, I did recite some of the racist jokes that my father would tell.  Though I never treated anyone with racism.  Even once when I was with some friends and we saw a hitchhiker who had brown skin, and the people I was with started making disparaging comments, I pulled over and gave him a ride, and I borrowed $5 from one of the passengers and gave it to the man.  I felt bad that I was with this group who were being total assholes, so I decided to give them a lesson.  I was 16 at this point, which was about 2 years after the incident at Ruby Ridge.  This was the point that I decided to shed the skinhead ideology.
Right after that I started going to rainbow gatherings, and Grateful Dead concerts, as to sort of purge the past, and move on to a more peaceful future.   At age 17 I got two tattoos, one on my chest and one on my foot that says “S.P.E.A.R” aka “Skins and Punks Everywhere Against Racism”.     I have since made much fuss when I see other people getting discriminated against based on their creed, color or sexual orientation. When Prop 8 was being pushed in California (mostly by Mormons) I stood up against that, and I made a tirade of videos admonishing this.

However I am not a complete liberal shill, who thinks that only white people can be racist, and that apparently white people never get discriminated against.   So I have made videos like this;   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzvW-STTxUI  to clarify my position and to protest the BS that many liberals push, like “Affirmative Action” or as they call it in Great Britain “Reverse Discrimination”.  And what do I get?  More accusations that “(I) am racist”.

I don’t really care, I won’t change my position.  I am absolutely against “affirmative action” aka “reverse discrimination”, because I believe ALL discrimination is wrong based on race, gender and orientation.  If racism is wrong, then ALL racism is WRONG, and Affirmative Action is most CERTAINLY racist and sexist.   So are many policies that we are developing in the USA.

So I still wear my Dr. Martins boots, and my flight jacket, and I have my skinhead tattoos (SPEAR), and yet even though I fight vigorously against racism, when a “friend” or family member wants to bring me down, they try to smudge my image to others as “oh he is a racist”.

I venture to say however, that ANYONE who supports Affirmative Action or “Reverse Discrimination” is a true racist.  These are typically the people who like to try to take shots at me calling me a “racist”.

Here is how I rate liberalism.  As someone who has read about and studied National Socialism and WWII very well.  I liken modern day liberals to “National Socialist” aka “Nazi’s”.   This is why.

1.  Liberals are very fond of race based laws, creating an unequal balance to society by giving un-natural preference to some, and persecuting others based on race and gender.   This is very similar to Nazi policies, not the same, but similar.

2.  Liberals are very socialist.  From socialized healthcare, to socialized business guidelines and tax structures, to endless entitlements provided by the government.   That is socialism 101, and it is the same thing that Hitler often spoke about in his famous speeches.

3.  Liberals are very Nationalist.  They always hold the “American way” up as a method of garnering support.  “We as a nation are ______” to Ad nauseam.

4.  Then there is the eugenics thing.  Liberals always seem to defend abortion on the notion of “no one should be forced to have an un-wanted baby”.   So the line between murder and compassion is drawn by “is the baby wanted or not”?   The Nazi’s didn’t like Jews, and so Jews were considered “un-wanted” offspring, and the Nazi’s killed them.   Despite that the Nazi holocaust was one of the most horrible and deadly events in world history.  American’s have killed MANY MANY more people LEGALLY via abortion laws.

5.  The National Socialist, and especially after Hitler started reviewing the works of Charles Darwin became very anti-theistic.  Burning Bibles in the street, and legislating against religion.  This is a clear and obvious agenda with modern day liberals.

6. Gun control (enough said)

The people who accuse me the most of being racist are the typical liberal types, who see life through rose color glasses that allows them to see past the double standards that they apply to racial issues and socialist behavior that has failed so many times in the past.

Here is an article that I wrote about “the racist drug war” which I acknowledge and address the unfair arrest practices of police against minorities, but I also address other potential factors (that many liberal refuse to agree with, even though the problem is real, and backed up by a significant amount of data).

1992 was a very life changing year for me and many others.

The Sublime song “April 26th 1992” christens this insanity by singing about the LA riots.

What amazes me however in all of the latest city burning riots, and the ones from years past, is that when cops kill white people without cause, like what happened in Ruby Ridge Idaho (shooting children in the back, and shooting a mother in the head while holding a baby), white people don’t burn down cities in protest, and it happens far more than liberals want to admit to.

So call me whatever you want.  But I will stand against ALL FORMS OF RACISM!


This is a video that I made to go with this blog post;

S.P.E.A.R – Skins and Punks Everywhere Against… by Friar_Ryan


Black Pride Good White Pride Bad - White Guilt

Ryan tats in 2008
Ryan tats in 2008









Justin and Ryan Thompson
My brother Justin and I.
Just showin my tats from back in the 1990s. Gotten a few more since.

















Here are a few other videos that I have uploaded about this subject over the years;

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I am not a big fan of Louis Farrakhan, but he makes a clear point about all of the people in history that have been accused of racism or antisemitism

When people start making waves, typically the first thing that they get accused of, is being “racist”.

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