Bitcoin mining on xCannabis

I’ve always wanted to be a gold miner as a hobby…  However I have been trying to demonstrate to several campaigns that need funding, how to raise capital via bitcoin.  Whether you are surfing for bitcoin, trading for bitcoin, or mining for bitcoin.  Everyone can participate in this and they can either keep the bitcoin, or they can donate it to a campaign that already uses bitcoin.

First to demonstrate this, I am using a wordpress plugin that I am not very sure about, but it does generate bitcoin by the looks of it.  I have just installed this, and if you want to help the testing process or contribute to the site you can go to the widget on the side of the page that looks like this: (no longer active)

See more here <

I have recommended this to Sensible Washington and to the OCTA (Measure 80) campaign and to many individual activists who need funding.

Now certainly you are not going to get rich mining bitcoin, but if you need some extra funding this can provide a little bit.

You can also sell the stuff laying around your house that you don’t need any more for bitcoin @, which is just like ebay but for bitcoin.

In the news recently, a incumbent congressman started accepting bitcoin to fund his campaign:

Announcement Regarding State Rep Mark Warden’s Bitcoin Strategy

For other mining groups, I use as well.

You can find more mining groups by looking it up in google  “bitcoin mining groups“.

Bitcoin mining is fairly complex so if you intend to explore this occupation, do a lot of research.
People spend a lot of time and money mining bitcoin, so you want to be as competitive as possible.

See for more information on how to mine from your own website:


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