Boycott vs. Buycott – Boycott the boycotts!

Recently after the Chick-Fil-A president said that he believes in the Bible, there was a whirlwind of gay and ultra liberal activist calling for a boycott of Chick-Fil-A.

“Dan Cathy believes in the Bible, so he is against us!”.

After two mayors came out in favor of this boycott, it didn’t take long for all of these activists and politicians (who abused their office) to realize that their boycott actually did the opposite of what they intended as Chick-Fil-A reported for weeks that they were having record sales!

In fact I have dedicated myself to going to Chick-Fil-A when I am near one, and buying a bunch of tasty chicken sandwiches and passing them out to the homeless to support free speech and to smack these politicians who abused their power.  I figure its the least I can do.  Except Im about 300 miles away from a Chick-Fil-A, so it will wait.

My cousin who I love dearly and who is gay and has a lot of common sense, posted this link on my profile yesterday.   “Boycott the Boycotts” is the title and it is written by a gay man who is the owner of a gay magazine in Salt Lake City.

Now while I disagree with his lifestyle on a personal level, I have to agree with his tactics here.
He introduces a new and more positive tactic called “Buycott”.   It is a way to concert efforts towards BUYING from the businesses that you DO like rather than trying to penalize the businesses that you do not like.

example:  BuyCOTT Chick-Fil-A

I was especially troubled by the fact that a few rouge mayors used their political office to try to destroy someone’s business, and so were many other people.   That is what my stake in all of this is.

But recently with Initiative 502 in Washington there have been a lot of people that I have been friends with who actively support I-502 that have sent a lot of hate my way.  One of those people who have this toxic negativity actually used to be a moderator on this website, and he now owns a company of hand made apparel and stuff that he makes himself.   Others are members of NORML, and of course the ACLU.

In the past I have given donations to these groups or I have bought services from some of these businesses.  But no more.  Rather than giving money to these people who are voting against my freedoms, and who are trying to set an awful precedence in Washington.  I will give my money to other activists, lawyers and business instead.

When looking up a lawyer I will make sure to go through the lists of lawyers who are involved with the ACLU and NORML and I will NOT be giving them my business.

When I look up a group that requests donations to fight for freedom, I will make sure they know the difference between good law and bad law.  Recently the Washington State Libertarians came out against I-502 ( ), and they will CERTAINLY be getting the donations that I used to send to NORML as well as other Libertarian candidates and organizations (except watch out, Judge Jim Gray supports I-502, and therefor in proxy so does Gary Johnson).   I had started considering switching my vote from Ron Paul to Gary Johnson, because Ron Paul might not get the nomination and he is retiring.  But I have decided against Gary Johnson now that I have learned his VP is supporting I-502.  Besides I read an article recently that gave me a lot of hope for the Ron Paul campaign on the huffington post.

So consider voting with your wallet.  This is something that we have promoted and applied in our lives for a long time.   This is a facebook group that we started in 2009:

I vote with my wallet and I support businesses that support legalization

As for REAL change in Washington, I urge my friends to support I-514!

Read I-514 | Cannabis Child Protection Act of 2012/13

This isn’t hateful, or controversial or politically incorrect.  This is just making an effort to support the businesses that support you!

Soon will be offering t-shirts and we will not be taking cash for them.
Our t-shirt sales will be sold via BitCoin.  I also intend on making a video illustrating how bitcoin works.   Keep an eye out for this.  Bitcoin is the universal, no-centralized currency that does not depend or directly cooperate with ANY government!

Thanks for your continued patronage and support!

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