Bravest sermon I have personally heard

Jim Swilley, preaches the bravest sermon I’ve ever heard!

In response to the video (giving both sides their say)
But the comments from Archbishop David Huskins come over a week after Swilley, his ex-wife Debye and his cousin/uncle Donnie Earl Paulk released the stunning video chocked full of profanity, heresy, mental manipulation,  gross stereotypes and apparent disdain for some unnamed members of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches (ICCC).

“I did however receive his resignation letter but only after he announced his sexual orientation to his congregation on that Wednesday Night.  He had told me there was no such announcement coming and if he were going to do any such thing he would certainly discuss that with me.  He had never personally discussed these issues with me but after hearing from others that his plan was to make such an announcement I contacted him.

Again, he did not verify or deny his sexual orientation but rather said there was no such announcement forthcoming.  I offered him my personal friendship, love, assistance, and concern.  I also voiced my concerns about such a position or announcement.  I also addressed the concerns that as an international organization the danger and difficulty he could place some of the bishops in if he were in leadership or a part of the leadership of this communion, in countries whereby homosexuality is not only immoral but in their countries illegal and in some nations punishable by severe consequences.  He graciously acknowledged my concerns but never denied nor verified any of the issues being addressed.

I also explained that if such an announcement was forthcoming and he was a member of the ICCC that naturally the College of Bishops would have to address the matter accordingly.  He then stated his resignation would be forthcoming.  I did not hear from him again until after I heard the announcement had been made and after that I received his resignation.” Full text of the letter

My cousin Becki (that is gay)  who I grew up with for a lot of my youth, posted this on facebook.   This pastor came out as being gay after hearing about the 5 suicides that have taken place recently due to bullying.   There are a lot of kids, probably all kids going through ENOUGH in their new lives than to have to deal with people abusing them for no good reason!  
I know how hard it is to disagree with very religious family members and to live in a community of very religious people. 
I am saddened by these recent suicides.  When we were in Utah I made a video blog about this issue about how Mormons (not all, but many) want to force their will on other people.

If you don’t want a gay marriage DONT HAVE ONE!

This is a way to find a solution to problem.

Two talks at Stanford emphasize the need for dialogue in resolving conflict, and the need for compassion that extends beyond creeds and beliefs. ‘Dalai Lama advocates a secular approach to compassion’ Stanford University

BTW I know that this is a cannabis blog and this isn’t really about cannabis.   But what it all really comes down to is CIVIL RIGHTS!

United we stand, divided we fall.

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