California to legalize marijuana? Petition says it will be on the ballot.

I would be so absolutely grateful and humbled if California legalized marijuana!
I am so pessimistic about these things.  I fight, and I hope that freedom and liberty prevails!
For some reason it just seems to simple and too smart all at the same time.  It will confuse voters, because I feel like they expect something complex and full of a bunch of bullshit.

Legalize pot,

  • The police win; less non-violent criminals to have to deal with so they can focus on more serious crimes.
  • The parents win, because marijuana will be kept and sold in a secured and adult environment.(right now more teenagers smoke marijuana than smoke tobacco.  Same with alcohol and pot.)
  • Of course the tax payers win, because there is another great stream of jobs and tax money in a legal market.
    Instead of importing hemp from China, Australia and Canada we could produce and process it here.  That would create a lot of jobs.  Americans wear a lot of hemp these days, even though it’s more expensive than other fabrics.
  • Taking money away from the black market and infusing our community in a positive way would be good for everyone (except maybe the cartels and such)

We need to make sure that cannabis stays legal to grow under our current medical marijuana laws.  But I would love to see complete all out legalization of marijuana for adults.   As long as these adults are allowed to grow marijuana.
I support legislation that promotes these intelligent and sensible ideas that groups like NORML, MPP, and REASON are all promoting.

On the NORML Daily Audio Stash I heard a lot about how there are over 1 million children selling marijuana.
Legalization will run the black market out of business, just like with tobacco and alcohol.
Lower prices, ,more taxes and the community benefits from the taxes and has no need to spend billions criminalizing a harmless plant that has many medical benefits!

California proposes to legalize with TV Ad campaign and over 700,000 signatures from NORML:

This is from the Stranger:

Washington activists also filed an initiative that would legalize marijuana. But unlike California’s ringleader who “bankrolled a professional signature-gathering effort,” the campaign leaders in this state are planning an all-volunteer campaign and having a hard time even accepting online contributions.

While we have been doing business in point of sales, we have spoken with many banks.  Bank of America assured us that they would support our clients who run medical marijuana dispensaries!  
We have more information in the forums here at xCannabis.  Emerald POS has it’s own category.

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