Cannabis Activism ideas

I found this on These are awesome ideas. My favorite is the Adopt-A-Highway plan.…;o=&fpart=1…;o=&fpart=1

Adopt-A-Highway Campaign Conte$t…;o=&fpart=1

Tips for pot acitivists…;o=&fpart=1

Steve Kubby Speaking Tour: Contact Info…;o=&fpart=1

fun with protesting…;o=&fpart=1

Index of all Canadian cannabis court rulings

I think making a killer website is a good way to bring attention to the issue too.

I use WordPress for my website. I’ve used a custom install, some of which I have tweaked or coded myself. WordPress is a good out of the box software for any blog. Or you can have WordPress host your blog for you. Then you can pay them for ‘credits’ which in turn give you upgrades (as I understand it).

Personally I only host my own software on a shared-webserver. I used to run my own dedicated servers, but it was a lot of overhead (financially and otherwise). So I get hosting from smaller more hands on hosters. There are plenty out there to choose from. The smaller guys (do research yourself!) usually care more about their servers and don’t over crowd their servers.

The big guys like GoDaddy are different, they slam their servers with users.

So the software is free from and the hosting is roughly $15 to $300 per month. The $15 per month hosting plans are pretty decent if you do some shopping. The $300 per month plans are for dedicated servers, and I recommend for something like that. IF you aren’t savvy with servers, don’t even bother, you’ll go nuts or you’ll learn real quick.

And if you need any questions answered, I would be more than willing to give you advice. I may even be willing to contribute time for setting up scripts and/or graphics if the project is cool enough.

Ryan @ info@xcannabis .com

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