Cannabis Cures Cancer

Information and celebration, cannabis cures cancer!

For October during breast cancer awareness month, we are selling t-shirts on ebay that benefit the Susan G. Komen organization for their awesome work to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

I lost my grandma June to breast cancer, and I lost my father to brain cancer. This is a deep issue for me.

I believe that there is sufficient evidence to show that cannabis eases the pain and suffering and nausea of cancer and cancer treatments.  But I also believe that there is sufficient evidence that shows cannabis compounds reduce cancer cells and have shown to cure certain cancers in animal tests.

We are trying to make a noticeable impact on raising money and awareness to breast cancer and other aggressive cancers to raise awareness of universities and grant providers and inspire them to lend more resources for research in to this vital and amazing herb.   For that to happen, the US government needs to reschedule cannabis, and/or the private sector needs to make a stand for this!

Reference to the plea:

25% of the final sale price will support Susan G. Komen for the Cure-Global Headquarters

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