Cannabis is legalized in Utah for religious use

In a recent ruling for a Utah based Native American Church, earth based plants including cannabis is legal for religious usage.

After a 11 year case, and after getting their peyote chief back that the police took hostage in 2000 it is now understood that the courts have ruled that this church via the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act can legally used earth based substances without legal penalty.

After years upof debating this point with NORML and other activists, it appears that there is more precedent than before.  Although the cases and the rulings have kept building up over the years, this particular case is monumental.  First because it is coming from Utah, and second this Native American Church originally got in trouble for giving peyote to non-Native Americans.

Read more about this from:

More from the church website on this topic:


archive of the ruling

also you can download a pdf version here

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