Celebrating Washington State’s cannabis compassion laws!

I am so grateful and inspired to be back in Washington state where I can use my medicine and my spiritual sacrament legally.
Where I don’t have to worry about losing my freedom due to incarceration.  Where I don’t have to worry about losing my family due to ignorance.  Where I don’t have to worry about losing my 4th and 5th Amendment rights, or for that matter my 1st Amendment rights.

We lived in Idaho for a short time while we prepared to and did give birth to our second child.  There was an excellent mid-wife in Idaho, who at the time that we arrived there was working on legalizing mid-wifery.  She successfully accomplished her goal, and she further inspired me, and gave me hope that Idaho could some day catch up to the 21st century in the near future and start providing compassionate laws to cannabis consumers who by using cannabis do not hurt anyone.

In celebration of being back in our home state, and having the freedom to effectively treat myself safely according to state laws.  I revised xCannabis and I also made a new skateboard available!

xCannabis "THC Elevated" Skate Deck
xCannabis "THC Elevated" Skate Deck

Buying these skateboards from xCannabis help us further the mission to educated and petition for re-legalization of cannabis in the Zion Curtain, and the rest of the nation.  We refer to the areas of Idaho, Utah and Arizona as “the Zion Curtain”, which are the areas most afflicted by the LDS (Mormon) religious standards, which makes for a crumbly line in the separation of church and state.

We hope you enjoy the new look and the new board.

This board is called “THC Elevated”  by xCannabis.

Price: $64.95  +  $10 shipping/handling

[wp_cart:THC-Elevated Skate Deck:price:74.95:end]

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