Changes to the site

Some of you may have experienced some down time with this site as of recently.  We tried to keep the down time to a minimum, and I expect that not many people noticed.  However the changes have been completed and there are only minor updates on the way.

We inherited a lease on a really nice server, and since the server had no other function at this time, I decided to use it to boost the performance of our websites.  We now have a quadcore processor, 8 Gigs of RAM, and improved speeds and reliability.
The data transfer has taken place, and we are only using our old server as a backup repository.

We lease dedicated servers for ourselves and our clients, because of the security and reliability factor.  On most web hosting servers, you share hardware, software and bandwidth with other clients.  With a dedicated server, we are isolated on our own box, and we can elect to install security devices and firewalls.

So all of this is good.  But it has taken a lot of time out of my schedule to work with.  This lease that we assumed was unexpected, so I had to drop everything and work on it, so that it could be productive even if unexpected.

Another thing that we are working on is getting the best chat software for our site. 
We currently use Stickam @ but I have found that Stickam is very temperamental and unreliable.
So I want to replace that with some internally based software.

Meanwhile I will be testing text/chat softwares.  We are currently trying WebbyChat.  Look at the bottom left of the page at xCannabis.  There is a chat button available if you are logged in.  Or use the navigation menu at the top.

The shoutbox won again.  The webbychat was not going to workout.

Let me know what you think by chatting in the chat room, and leaving feedback.  Thanks!


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