There are several changes in recent weeks, and that seems like a worthy title for the content in this message.
First of all. Scott from CHANGE dispensary was in the Spokesman Review. I saw him yesterday and I found out he is accused of possessing marijuana in Oregon. He’s a legal medical patient in the very next state, and Oregon is a medical marijuana state. Apparently the controversy has mostly to do with Oregon not recognizing cards from other states, which I think is ludicrous!

Please get informed about this, and show some support for CHANGE and for Scott.
Read the Article Here:

CHANGE dispensary has been a huge blessing to me. I suffer from terrible ‘cluster headaches’. I have a vesicular constriction in a vain in my head, and it causes me to have these headaches, and several other very sever side effects. Imagine driving down the street, and getting a headache, immediately following with high pitched ringing in your ears, and sun spots in your vision!
Getting off the road fast enough is only the beginning of this terrorizing adventure that happens to me at random.
Before getting my medical recommendation, and before starting to use marijuana again. I had not used marijuana for 7 years, and I depended on a variety of other medications from Midrine, to Imitrex, and one doctor tried to prescribe steroids to off set the condition that causes these symptoms.
Needless to say, I didn’t use the steriods ((yuck)), but I also suffered severely from the side effects of midrine and imitrex. Both of which thinned my blood and made it really easy for me to get nose bleeds. I often had stomach pains, and dryness, and an uncomfortable feeling.

Cannabis never has given me a nose bleed, or any negative side-effects, at least nothing I didn’t like.   Most importantly it cures my headache much faster than the alternatives.
I’ve also noticed if I smoke a joint in the morning, in the afternoon smoke the bubbler and in the evening maybe a bong hit, I do not get those headaches at all. This is the same with a brownie, or a tincture. One every 6 hours is good.
Now that is less than moderate cannabis use, IMHO. But it works, and I can function.
Cannabis does have other side-effects. Such as being able to pay attention to my life. To slow the speed of life down a little, so that I have time to watch my kids grow, and to do fun family things. It’s good for stress relief, and since I work 3rd shift usually, it’s a good sleep aid, that allows me to get around 6 hours of sleep a night/day. Which would probably be more like 4 hours without cannabis. And 4 hours of sleep per night is not good for anyone. But I was getting 4 hours of sleep or less for about 2.5 years off and on. I just couldn’t sleep in the day, with all of the noise, sun, and heat. But cannabis makes it easier for me to sleep.

So when we moved from Idaho to WA, and I found a few ads in the Nickle Nik paper for getting medical marijuana. One of the qualifying conditions listed “headaches” and “Chronic pain”. After 13 years of brutal skateboard accidents, including a broken forearm, and two broken big toes, and various sprains, stitches and concussions, I have chronic pain.

All I had to do is bring my medical records in from all of my recent years of various doctors visits, meet with the doctor, and he looked at my CT Scans, and my doctors notes for the last 3 years from my headache condition. I pulled out a few of the prescriptions that they had been giving me.  But he said that my CT Scan was enough for him.  Then I was off to CHANGE.
I was ** FREE **  of using these awful prescriptions. I’ve always hated prescriptions after my 16 y/o brother died from an overdose on legal prescription medication, plus they just make me feel awful.

Now it’s been Irie time since I moved to Spokane in June, thats when I got my recommend.   Thanks to CHANGE I’ve always had enough medicine.  Every time I’ve gone down there, I’ve left with new medicine.

So I just encourage anyone who uses CHANGE, stand up for these people. There is a great group of very compassionate folks. These people who organized a grassroots co-op where people can find their medicine, have been running local political campaigns and have been very attentive to their duties as citizens paying thousands and thousands of dollars of sales tax each month.

I am supporting Scott and Change however I can. If you have your card, checkem out!


Via my wife’s business “Artistic By Nature” (her and I) made the CHANGE IN SPOKANE website.

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