Chris Williams Found Guilty on 8 Felony Counts; Faces mandatory min of 45 years

Chris Williams Found Guilty on 8 Felony Counts; Faces mandatory min of 45 years.

This is a tragic story that has only one victim and that is Chris Williams.  Chris faces up to 90 years in prison with a mandatory minimum of 45 years.   Though his crimes have no victims, Chris is being treated like public enemy #1.
He is still on the DEA most wanted page even though they have had this guy in federal custody since Thursday.

He was following state law providing medical marijuana to people that need it in Montana.  He was not some shadowy figure selling harmful drugs to kids.  He was providing marijuana to people who had a doctors recommend, and in accordance with state law.  So now Chris Williams will spend the rest of his life in prison, because he was helping people.

The only victims are Chris, and the American people who have no rights to privacy, property, and many other rights including states rights under the 10th Amendment.  Not to mention having to pay to imprison more people than any other country in the world at staggering amounts.  All American tax payers get to feel that pain, whether they use cannabis or not.

Chris’s partner Richard Flor died in custody last month.

In all the government got to be badasses again foiling the plans of legitimate businesses.   They did ‘recover’ 1.7 million dollars from the business.  So it wasn’t all just death and destruction.  Theft was also involved in the crimes against these American business owners.  The money will go into the Department of Justice‘s asset forfeiture fund.


Credit to for pictures in the slideshow of Chris Williams at court

PS  Thank you Kari for bringing this to my attention!

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