City Council meeting tonight

I went to the Spokane City Council meeting tonight after visiting the dispensary and learning of an article in the Spokesman Review that announced a meeting to discuss medical marijuana dispensaries in Spokane.

Hearing on Proposed Ballot Title and Summary of Measure for Initiative No. 2009-3, sponsored by Citizens for a Sensible Spokane, regarding medical marijuana regulations. (Continued from November 30, 2009, Agenda)
(Initiative No. 2009-3, sponsored by Citizens for a Sensible Spokane)   See the website for Citizens for a Sensible Spokane.

The meeting would start in approximately 30 minutes from leaving the dispensary, so I redirected the GPS to city hall, which is a huge blessing because I don’t know directions in this city all that well, and the GPS usually gives me the best route (or, the opposite direction all together, it varies).  
My wife and daughters went to the mall, and I went to the city hall.

I immediately approached the young lady that I presumed to have some influence, and she appeared to be the host, and asked if I could give testimony as a business owner that depends on the medical marijuana dispensary businesses.    But I was told by her that the sponsor of the meeting had canceled the meeting indefinitely.  I asked “does that mean that this meeting will never take place?”  Which is what it sounded like to me, but she was holding up the show by talking to me, so we parted ways and she began the meeting while I sat down.

I decided to take a moment to listen to a bit of the city council meeting.   No one announced to the audience that this meeting about marijuana would not take place and everyone that assembled for the marijuana discussion stayed well into the first half of the meeting.   We got to hear about some amazing employees of the city who had worked for the city for 10+ years, and they received awards.   Then two women with their own announcement about homelessness came with their own message about homeless issues.

One announcement was about homeless memorial day.  This is a national holiday that is mourned on December 21st.   Which is amazing, and Im surprised that I hadn’t heard of it.  I was homeless in Washington for 2.5 years (link below for my story).

Someone told me something about CHAZ, which is apparently a group of over 40 homeless organizations.   And the other kind young woman, spoke about how around 40 homeless folks have came through her house.  She also offered a video presentation of military folks, and she told how she knows many veterans that are homeless in Spokane, and how it hurts her to know our vets are treated this way. 
Which is really quite inspiring.  I had folks like her take me in when I was homeless.  What a blessing to know that you are loved by even a stranger, in that situation.    This is my story:
Thanks for all you women do!

Then came the time when the meeting about marijuana in Spokane was about to take place.

The speaker who was Joe Shogan, announced that the meeting about medical marijuana had been canceled by it’s sponsor “indefinitely”.  He suggested that if anyone wanted to leave, instead of listening to a bunch of city business, that we depart at that time.  Which over a dozen people who were gathered did leave, including myself.  Although I was really impressed with the whole operation thus far and I wanted to observe more.  I decided observations would have to wait, as would participation.  So I dashed back to the mall which is directly across the street from city hall, picked up my girls and got home quickly before the storm started dumping on us.   Tried out my new meds from the Human Connection, and the Dr. Feel Good is excellent, and it reminds me of listening to Motely Crue when I was like 12.  LOL!

The point of my 3 minute speech was basically going to explain the dynamics of how our business depends directly on the dispensaries to sustain our family.  We have paid a developer to help us make some code for our POS solutions, and we have made a few sales already of only being in business for less than 3 weeks.

I listened to the council talk about how the city is down 1.4 million dollars compared to last year, and that they expect to see a deficiency.

I thought to myself, what a great way to illustrate a semi-new market (1996 isn’t very new I suppose) which is almost completely untapped, and how it can be beneficial to all aspects of our community, including the technology folks like myself.

I don’t even sell medical marijuana yet the medical marijuana industry is providing jobs for contractors and for small business owners as well as making purchases for high end computer equipment.   Its a tough economy to be in business, especially a new business, and we are thanking the Lord for cannabis!   Cannabis fills gaps in our society that we have been missing for more than 3/4’s of a century!

Blessings to you!  Have a hempy holiday!

(which reminds me, please pray for Marc Emery and all of the cannabis POWs if you pray)

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