Climate change advocate trolls me, and fails

For quite awhile I have had a facebook troll, and I didn’t even realize it, until he sent his dad over to my house to fight me.   I was completely unaware, as his life is not that interesting to me.  So today I found that my climate change advocate (troll) trolls me, and fails!
But upon trying to gather evidence for court, because his daddy called the police on me after I bloodied him.  I found on his facebook profile that he is trolling me, and has been for quite awhile. Apparently this guy says that [I am] a George Bush voter, a fanatical extremist Christian fundamentalist, and out of all things that [my] belief that water vapor is a greenhouse gas is stupid.

I took some screenshots of this trolling because of how funny it really it.

First he apparently watches all of my videos, and makes memes about them.  The references to “Clovis Star” is a reference to my newspaper and media outlet

Facebook troll, is trolling Clovis Star
Facebook troll, is trolling Clovis Star

Then there is this about my position on climate change, and a statement that I made in this video;

At minute 1:05 I mention that over 90% of greehouse gas is made up of “water vapor”

His response apparently, concerns some fundamentalist who is always attacking atheists with a cross, and his statement is this:

lol same moron that posted a video saying that water is a green house gas lol

College Grad Doesn't Know
College Grad Doesn’t Know Water Vapor is a Greenhouse gas

His friend quickly corrects him and says;

“Water vapor is a greenhouse gas technically speaking, but the water cycle can minimize the effect if it works properly. Co2 is more of a problem because it doesn’t have the feedback loop of water.

He often deletes the stupid things that he posts, as I have noticed as of late.   But he left this up.   Surprisingly!
I made a video of it, so he can’t claim “oh he is lying, I never posted that” at a later time;

(you need to be a friend on FB to see that)

The point of this is to re-troll, and to also illustrate that for some people, 6 years of college doesn’t do them much good.   All of the people that say “I would do better in life, if only the government would pay for my college”.   This guy has been in school since 2008, and I don’t know if he has a degree or not yet.  But he has at least 6 years of full time university education, and it appears the only thing he got out of it, was his expenses paid via student loans, and a bunch of really roughly drawn tattoos on his hands, wrists and legs  (visible).
Im not sure how he is any more qualified to get a job now than before he went to college.  But maybe that was never the point.   I don’t think he really likes to work much IMHO.
Our big strife comes from when I first met my wife and she asked me to take him on a job with me out of state.  Before I even met him I agreed.  While on the job, he didn’t work much, and he got fired.  Ever since then he has tried to cause me drama.   Which I think is amusing.  He tries harder to hurt my life (and his sister’s life, and the life of his nieces and nephews), than he does to improve his own, or to get a job.

The whole thing is amusing.   But this is the end result of this whole feud, and now we will never have anything to do with that family again.

On February 12th 2015 I made this video, after he had left many threatening voicemails on his sister’s voicemail.  I offered to box him;

He declined and said “Maybe in May”.

Four days later his daddy came to my house to fight his battle for him.  Which ended up in misdemeanor charges for both of us.


Civil Rights Violated in Pocatello Idaho – For Immediate Release

We only went to Idaho based on fighting the prohibition rich laws, and we never intended to stay.   We went there in April2014, long after I had wrote about my contention with that area in this post that I wrote in July 2013;

Idaho is a tough gig, it is absolutely terrorizing when you are an activist with children

My wife and I got married in Idaho, but we never lived there, because of how risky it is to be a cannabis activist and a medical marijuana patient.  So we would go there and protest regularly.

You can see some of my protest videos here;

Tax Day Protest in SE Idaho for marijuana

420 Protest in Idaho Falls at Drug Court on 4/20/2009


I sure wish that people who got these fancy degrees had some ambition to use them.  But I suspect he won’t.  He will go around pretending that he created every scientific theory there is in existence, but when it comes to applying his knowledge.  It will be just like when he needs to pay bills, but won’t get a job.

I am not educated, but I have worked constantly since I was 14 years old, and if you are privey to looking up my social security contributions, you can see that I have never stopped working, and I have never stopped paying in to the system.  And on the side, I try to change the world for the better through my constant activism!

Which is why I ask this question;

What’s wrong with the USA chocolate or silver?

So if you are going to troll me about climate change.  At least do the basic research to defend your position better!

With all of these atheists and evolutionists asking for government hand outs, I just wonder if they really practice what they preach?
Do they REALLY believe in survival of the fittest?  Do they really believe in natural selection?  If so, then why choose socialism as [their] political platform?

survival of the fittest
survival of the fittest
Voluntary Charity
Voluntary Charity

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