Comitted to give someone $100 to show me a cannabis death due to OD or toxic side effects



Just like the title says, if you can show me a certifiable documentation of a death cause by the toxic side effects of marijuana, then I’ll give you $100.   First come first serve on that.   I’ll stand by this offer forever..    I don’t expect to get any takers.   But I may..   And if I do, it will surprise me what the actual cause of death was.  So far, I haven’t been able to find any references or examples about a death caused the toxic side effects of marijuana…  Found lots of alcohol deaths, found lots of legal prescription deaths..  No marijuana deaths..     Everyone knows about the BIGGEST killer of all time is; Legal tobacco.. Obviously…     But marijuana’s toxic side effects (as if) are like a little fluffy newly born poodles compared to the big angry rabid wolf gnawing on a fresh kill which would obviously be tobacco..  It is a drastic difference.  Marijuana cures, helps, sooths..  Tobacco ropes people into addiction, and slowly and painfully kills them, like it did to my father who recently died of complication of poor lungs (he was inline for a transplant) and glimoblastomas brain cancer.  45 years of tobacco use, and he was only 68 years old.  🙁  Almost able to fully retire.  Worked in steel plants and construction jobs day and night for his whole life, to die from a synthetically altered, piss filled, tobacco plant.   Meanwhile, no one has ever died from marijuana and it’s illegal in most states.  Thats smarts!

So many scientists have confirmed time and time again, that marijuana is safer than many common foods that Americans eat every day.

RE:  John Morgan

I believe it should be regulated.  Mostly by the parents.   But also similar to tobacco or alcohol.
I know this is quiet a controversy, but I agree with it being taxed and regulated, so long as the right to grow it remains in tact.
If it’s processed, packaged and dispensed, then I semi-agree with it being taxed (to a minimum mark), and certainly regulated.
But that responsible adults should be able to possess and grow a minimal amounts of plants, between 15-25 plants, because of the different stages of vegetation and flowering.  It makes it possible to have several different strains, if you are treating different symptoms or diseases.   I would say Indica is very good for pain relief, certainly when I have really horrible cluster headaches, and I just need to relax..  Sativa is good (for me) for anxiety and sometimes depression.  But I prefer an indica dominant hybrid.

I also believe that this should be governed by the states.  If the people put it to a vote, and marijuana legalization gets voted down by the people.  So be it.  But if the people pass a law, the federal government should not be over-riding that law, and dismissing the will of the people.  Make sense?  (10the Amendmentment stuff)

Im glad Obama has been cracking down on DEA raids, or so it seems.  But they are still happening.  At least 3 this year that I know of!
First it’s on, then it’s off, then it’s on.   I just want a president who keeps their promises that they made BEFORE getting elected.  That’s all.  Is that too much to ask for???  His integrity speaks for itself, but so far not so bad (comparatively).   I’ve had a few off-topic tangents about abortion funding, and abortion rights, etc..    I don’t believe in taking of a human life, at any stage.    But we’ll save that can of worms, maybe I’ll fire up that topic over at Utah Pirate Radio, since it doesn’t really belong here.  =|

I count another very positive experience at CHANGE.   Ya know, that slogan is pretty catchy!   Good prices today and more strains this time!  Excellent!
Also, props to Chris Stevenson!  What a gentleman, and an excellent friend of the community!   I wish I hadn’t missed his interview on the community radio show today.  =(   But I got to talk to him in person, so that made up for it!

I forgot to ask him if he supports or knows about the National Initiative for Democracy.  I will ask him about that next time.


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