Commentary on the changes in Spokane

This is my 2 tokes from my virtual soap box.  I realize that we have a lot of different changes, and my video only covers a few of the issues concerning what this rally was all about today.  But hear me out please.

1.  I think it is ridicules that we are even trying to interpret the law any different than it is written.  This is so easy, let me display Washington state law concerning medical marijuana, and providing medicine to patients:

How do I become a designated provider?

A designated provider must be at least 18 years old and must be designated in writing by the qualifying patient. A designated provider can only be a provider for one patient at any one time.

So if we can’t have dispensary like providers, then how exactly does it make sense that patients can be legally recommended medical marijuana, and given a legal right to obtain their medicine.  But there are no designated sources to get their medicine from?  Patients either have to grow (which many can not due to some kind of personal restriction, either no space, no ability, or no seeds), or they have to designate someone as a provider.

If they designate someone as their provider, then why can’t other people designate that same person for their provider, so long as that provider is only providing to one patient at a time?

It’s like the DMV.  The clerk at the desk can only help “one person at a time”..   Each person gets their ticket for the line, and wait for their number to be called, because they can not reasonable all be served all at once.  It has to happen “one at any one time”.

Thats what WA state laws describes the provider patient relationship.  “only one at any one time”.

Enough said.  Moving on.

For dispensaries, I talk on this video about how I believe in a legal market the prohibition prices should go away.
It does not cost anywhere close to $15 per gram to grow marijuana.
There are 3 things your plants need.
1. Light:  ($275 dollars) < thats just a random, high quality light that I found on Ebay.  There are less expensive setups too. )
2. Food  ($30) <again, another random listing on ebay)
3.  Water
You may spend another $100 on accessories (high ball), such as fans or pots, etc…  And $100 on electricity.  Again, I think thats highball too.

So for $600 total, you can grow your first crop of weed, which will produce 15 plants EASILY.
15 plants can EASILY produce 24 ounces of weed (the legal limit in WA).

Each ounce of weed sells for roughly $350 prohibition prices.  Deduct 8.9% for WA state retail tax.  Which is a little over $31 worth of sales tax.

The total for the sale of one ounce is $319 give or take, right?

Times that by 24 ounces.  You have $7,656  worth of weed AFTER taxes.

Your total cost was somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 for the equipment.  And whatever other expenses you might have had.  For example, rent on a building or something like that.

So we can safely assume that there could be $6000 worth of profit off a weed that practically grows itself.

If you are a grower, you stand to make $5000 or $6000 off of one small crop of weed.

Most dispensary owners grow, and provide.  So their own crop could yield $6000 in profit.   And then they sell other people’s crops too I would assume.

A 1000% markup on a natural weed?  Thats a pretty hefty markup.  Also I was being conservative, trying not to sway the numbers in the direction of my point too much.

But you add it up.

Weed sells for between $15 and $20 per gram in these dispensaries.  There are 28 grams in an ounce.  Times that by 24 ounces.   What have you got?  If you’re selling it by the gram, thats $10,000 @ $15 per gram (not yet, $20 per gram).   If your selling it by the ounce at $300 per ounce (some dispensaries are going as high as $350 per ounce), thats $7200 at $300 an ounce.

Subtract your costs.   (Grow equipment lasts for many many crops by the way, so the equipment expense not a regular occurrence).

Whats left?  A lot of profit!

For right now, while we are still trying to fight legal battles, and such…  I understand keeping the prices at $15 per gram or whatever.

But as soon as the authorities start leaving us alone, and we (we as in the cannabis community) don’t have to pay legal costs and deal with downtime in our business from getting raided..  Then prices should drop SIGNIFICANTLY!

But there lies the problem.   Once it’s legalized, cartels and black market drug dealers either start paying taxes and working legitimately, or they go out of business entirely due to a decrease in the price.   What about law enforcement that are primarily concerned with eradicating  the marijuana ‘problem’?  They will have to find new jobs, maybe?

So we have the black market favoring prohibition on one side (growers, dealers, etc).  And on the other side we have narcotics agents who will be revising their resumes if marijuana is legalized.

What is the happy medium?   A taxed and regulated market, like we had up until last Thursday here in Spokane!  Some of the taxes can go towards retraining cops who don’t have any other skills, whatever.   But the legal cannabis industry will benefit our community in so many ways it’s hard to count them all.

I love the courage, and compassion of all of these dispensary owners.   I just worry that when I am possibly on a fixed income someday, I won’t be able to afford buying weed at a dispensary.  Lord willing that never happens, and I pray that I will always be able to grow my own crops for my medicine.  But if there comes a day when that ends for me.  What then?
And what about these people currently on a fixed income of between $600 and $1500 per month?   That isn’t the kind of income that can afford $400 per month for their medicine.

Please consider my words and please know that I am sending this out in love.  I want to help, not hurt.  If you disagree feel free to comment or send me an email:

I would love for the readers to understand what makes legal marijuana cost $20 per gram?

Peace and Pot!!

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