Comparing real activists to hipster pot dealers


I have been frustrated for years when I work with or are in the same network as, typical pot dealer “cannabis activists”, who are typically no better than a corporate lobbyist for an industry or business.  The only exception that I typically notice, is that most of these “cannabis activists” are very demotivated and show up to meetings with less ambition to participate in law reform, but rather they show up in a guise of being an “activist” and instead slang pot instead.   Or they are there to make connections with clients, even if not directly selling pot at the meetings.

When I see folks like LaVoy Finicum who are ready to give their life for their cause, and are not there to simply peddle their wares, or to make connections.  But are there to participate in revolution.  I feel ashamed being any part of a cannabis law reform group.

I have collected signatures for many citizens initiatives, most of which failed anyway.  But in participating, I have spend 10’s of thousands of dollars of my own money, and yet in the last 20 years, I have not so much as sold one single gram of marijuana.   Because I am not participating under a guise of being an “activist” while actually being there to peddle pot.  I am actually there to participate in revolution, and to see cannabis laws NULLIFIED.

I have gained a new respect for ranchers after the standoff in Nevada at Cliven Bundy’s ranch, and after watching what went down in Burns Oregon when Lavoy Finicum gave his life to stand up for liberty.

I will still fight to get cannabis laws nullified.  But I will NEVER work on another “legalization” cause again.  Legalization could otherwise be translated as “give the government more control over cannabis than they already have”, rather than ANYTHING to do with REAL liberty.   If an initiative does not dispel and remove existing laws (and replace them with NOTHING), then in my opinion it is not worth fighting for.  Initiative 502 in Washington is a prime example of how legalization is a negative cause, as opposed to nullification which means to simple get rid of existing laws on cannabis.

This country could use much less laws, not new ones!

Thanks for all of those who actually care about liberty, rather than just furthering their own financial gains.


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