Conflict in the cannabis law reform ranks

For the past week we have had a lot of division in our movement.  Trying to get laws to pass isn’t easy when everyone on the team are throwing punches at each other.

This is my message to:  David Malmo-Levine

Hoping to relay this to the rest of the “No” crowd.

RE: facebook conversation

David. This article (longwinded) is great.

Thanks bro for your work for cannabis law reform.
I respectfully disagree with you about Prop 19, and I highly encourage you to learn more about California’s tax laws, and just exactly what is and what is not regulated in California, because I can tell you this right now. Some dispensaries get lucky and go without a raid ever. Out of the ones that do get raided, they usually get raided again. This is a form of a government tax, because the cops take the medicine and the money each time, and it is never returned. Even without a conviction.

The cartels are the ones benefiting most from this system, or lack of system.

The point is, Prop19 gave clear authority for local municipalities to decide their own laws for recreational cannabis and hemp.
Prop215 still defines medical use of marijuana.

  • As for conflict and competition:

So don’t mistake me for having a personal conflict with you or anyone else. I feel many of you are severely misinformed. Some of the No on Prop 19 people had clear agendas, and selfish motivation. Some were very explicit about it “we don’t want more competition”, I have these statements from many folks in No Cal.

If only they realized that their biggest competition (the cartels) would be defeated in part by Prop 19.

  • About taxes

Cannabis is already certainly taxable by state law in Cali.   (Re: taxing medicine is immoral)
Big MMJ grow businesses are already getting licensed for large scale grow ops, WITHOUT Prop19. Recreational users will still get busted, get a $100 fine, have their weed stolen, and their days ruined. Hemp will not be a California crop any time soon as a result of Prop19 failing to pass.

These are my issues. I don’t have personal issues with people here, mainly because I dont actually know you. It would be silly to have a problem with someone that I don’t even know.

I am here to vent, state my peace, and hope to change minds for future freedom initiatives.

Or at least get some of these folks to understand that we aren’t fooled, and Prop 19 failing is a bad thing for the majority and for freedom.
So says most of the legalization groups, the NAACP, and most of the freedom fighters that have been fighting for freedom for the past 35 years.

The bitter few that campaigned against it need to catch up with the rest of us here. Prohibition needs to be over. EVEN IF BY BABY STEPS.

Sure Prop19 wasn’t perfect. No one thought that it was.
What was true is that most agreed that Prop19 did not define medical marijuana. It is clearly stated by many professionals, lawyers, law makers and activists that Prop215 exclusively defined Medical Cannabis. And Prop19 covered everything else.

This is my response to a No on 19 guy who wrote me on facebook, who coincidentally shares the same name as John Walsh’s late son “Adam”.

Titled: “Yes on 19, no to cartels”

I just want this drug war to end people. Thats all. Isn’t that what we all want?

For future reference, it is MUCH easier to amend a law than to write a new one.

Its hard to believe that we have let the fascists divide us.  Isn’t that the oldest trick in the book?  Dividing then to conquer?


Word from Russ Belville, with a great overview of what we accomplished and what he believes should happen next.

You can't win with legalization that criminalizes part of the largest group of marijuana smokers

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