Conversation on the plane

On my way back from Denver this morning, the first stop was Salt Lake City. 
One of the gents that I sat next to lived in Orem Utah, a place that I once lived.

This was our business in Springville Utah.

Tech Pro Now Business OpeningTPN Sprigville

The reason why I posted the pictures above, is based on some of the statements of this Mormon fellow.

Some of what he kept referring to was how marijuana makes you a deadbeat.  I told him the largest technology companies in the world including google, apple and microsoft were built by college aged potheads.  I also relayed that the last 3 presidents admitted to using pot.  Then I dropped on him what I do for a living, and how I built my companies from the ground up.  I started my company with no investment funds, no inheritance and no college education.  I taught myself to program in 3 different languages, and I have worked for Microsoft, Gateway, and several medical software companies.   
He never really did give up on that silly idea.  But I think he knows he is wrong.

During our conversation, we started out talking about Energy Solutions, which is something that I opposed very strongly in Utah.
Basically Energy Solutions is making a nuclear waste depot for foreign clients in Utah’s west desert (near where two of my sisters live).  In the chamber of commerce meetings where Energy Solutions were speakers, I protested by resigning from the Chamber of Commerce, who we had donated money and dedicated a lot of hours to helping with their website.   The Chamber invited Energy Solutions to come woo local businesses.  So I left. 
But this guy supports the idea of Energy Solutions handling hotter and hotter foreign waste.  His rationale is “well, we have to do something with it, Utah needs to get smart and take the money”  in almost those exact words.
Then he commented more (and this is when I knew the conversation would get interesting), and said that he doesn’t understand the rationale behind resisting nuclear energy, and that we all should just get with the picture.

That’s when I brought up hemp biofuel and how Henry Ford designed the diesel engine to run on hemp.


As predicted this gentlemen brought up the old cliche about “yeah and at the end of the day you can smoke it” sarcastically.

I was so happy to hear that come from him, because that is when I continued on about first annihilating the idea that hemp could possibly get you high, and secondly drawing a picture of how and why legal marijuana can only be a good thing.

I referenced of course the typical “when they ended prohibition of alcohol crime and gang activity decreased immensely”, and of course how marijuana being taxed and regulated can only help society instead of letting it all go to the mexican cartels.

But then I noted a few things that hit particularly close to home.  Since I grew up LDS, and this man is currently a life long LDS member.  I referenced how the second prophet of the LDS church gave clear instruction to the Mormon people to grow and use hemp.  See this post:

I had also told him about my father dieing of cancer, and how dad was a downwinder in the SW Utah desert, this was during the nuclear tests in the 50’s.  The man I was speaking with was also a downwinder.   I also told him how cannabis can cure cancer.  Reference:

Then he said “no way, because marijuana kills brain cells”.  I referenced that the US government has patented marijuana as a neuroprotectant.   This was something that he was also skeptical about.

We were friendly the whole time, and he even paid for my wine with a drink coupon that he hadn’t planned on using ever. 
I thanked him, offered him my xCannabis business card, but he declined.

Overall it was a good experience, and I felt blessed to have met him.

BTW-  Meet my family.  We are healthy, happy, and certainly NOT lazy!

Thanks for reading!

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