Conversation with Rep. Brad Daw

I thought these things that I was saying were helpful and productive, even the constructive criticism of the GOP when I brought up President Bush.
But Representative Brad Daw of Utah didn’t think so, and he kept deleting my post.
Conversation With Rep. Brad Daw about marijuana
Conversation With Rep. Brad Daw about marijuana

Anyway. For a guy who appears like he’s reaching out to his constituents, it looks like he only wants them to have certain information, but not all of it.
Which is what I get from the fact that he left my first post up, and delete my second post.

And then he did the same thing again with the third post, he deleted it, and left only the first post.

Maybe he doesn’t like more than one post on his links?

No, actually, I checked my email, and he had posted on facebook and then deleted it (so that I would get the notification in the email I guess).

His response is:

“You are welcome to comment on my posts, you’ll notice I don’t delete those even you get argumentative, but cannabis is illegal in Utah and I won’t have my page used a promotion tool for it or anything supporting it.”

Why censor anything about marijuana out?  It’s proven as a safe and effective medicine, and even the AMA recently came out in support of medical marijuana.  Which is no small feet, this is the largest physician group in America!

But like the DEA, you are going to play doctor, and pick and choose what is good information, and what is not condonable.

Why don’t you people let the doctors take care of their patients, and why they hell don’t you people stay OUT OF MEDICINE?!


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