Core reasons why I am active about my beliefs

I can think of hundreds of reasons for why I do what I do.  I could list them all and feel ever so vindicated.   But that is really what it boils down to, is that I was arrested and locked up when I was just a teenager for simple possession.
I went through the courts, and spent time in very uncomfortable jail cells.  I didn’t have a long record with exception to marijuana.
I worked from the time I was 14 years old until I was 15 and bought my first car with cash before I was even old enough to drive.
I paid taxes, I volunteered for the March of Dimes 3 years in a row from 12-15 years old.  I walked (skateboarded) 20 miles and collected dozens of sponsors to help with birth defects.  
I always tried to be a good person.  I think I fell short a few times, but I don’t think that my behavior warranted incarceration and career hurdles such as being banned from service in the military.

Now we see places like Denver, Seattle, Hailey ID, and even Big Water Utah decriminalizing possession of marijuana, and now with New Jersey there is 14 medical marijuana states.  We have found that marijuana does not cause serious illness or death.  It is being proven that cannabis cures aggressive cancers.   I think that the changing of the times is a breath of fresh air for millions of people in the USA that have served time for a victimless crime in the name of another failed “war”.  Marijuana is a plant, its not a crime!

I am so thankful for all of those who fight for what you believe in.  I am so thankful for our founding fathers, and for the words in the 10th Amendment that still seem to mean something.  I am even grateful for President Obama.  That he appears to have kept his word about marijuana.  And despite that I disagree with him on other important topics, I am glad that he is attempting to keep his word about decriminalizing marijuana.

I have fun toying with ideas of cannabis related businesses, and I love to go to rallies and all that.  I think that even if cannabis gets legalized in Washington where I currently live.  I will still travel to Utah, Idaho and Arizona to organize rallies and get things moving there.  After those states legalize, Im going to retire for awhile.  But for now, Im happy enough to be a part of things, even if only a small part.

People often offer gratitude to people who fight for their rights.  I get compliments from time to time.  But I say, save the words and just stand up for your own rights.  It’s my pleasure to stand up for my rights and things that are important to me.  But our government needs our input if any of us are going to be free.  It is important to not lose sight of what needs to take place.
Cheering for Marc Emery, or Eddy Lepp, or Charles Lynch is great, and it’s just about as helpful as cheering for a football game.

Instead of cheering.  How about we rise to the occasion and actually do something about the condition of our freedoms!

Recently Adam, a contributor to xCannabis and a cool guy to toke with started his own blog.  He has a lot of commentary and constructive input to offer the uninformed citizen.  We have linked his site a few times now, and he is on our blog roll.
There are several other people who have started great blogs and radio stations, and chat rooms that help bring awareness to the cause , big ups to them too!

All of that is good!   But I think what would be a really effective way to get the message out is to follow NORML and check out when their demonstrations are, and find information on how to contact your local officials  (see the right of xCannabis for links) then attend the demonstrations often, and write your politicians often.

BTW- I think I may offend people sometimes when I get passionate about thing that I believe in.  Truly, that’s not my intention.  Thanks for reading!   Time to enjoy harvest.  😀

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