Corporate Socialism and the Cannabis Industry

I have long since fought against socialism and I have never thought that I would see such a thing in the cannabis industry.

I see now more and more why so many have fought against the crop being legalized, so that this type of sick behavior didn’t take a hold of the cannabis culture.

I have been studying the efforts for and against the movement of legalization and I have been sure that legalization is the only way to go, because no matter what it is obvious that there will be a legal or semi-legal market.
It’s like the wind that can never be still.   Cannabis is such an amazing source of so much goodness that either it will be tapped and sold like oil, or it will  be free and the people will utilize it like corn.

It appears now that the market is being captured by corporations with over 150 patents on cannabis, it is obvious that cannabis from here on out will never be the same as before.  This culture is to be forever changed as we know it, whether we like it or not.

The only only thing for us to do now is set our sails and try to steer the currents.

One of the main currents is the pharmaceutical industry.   Another strong current is the medical marijuana market.
The less well funded but comparable in strength is the notion to legalize cannabis for everyone.

It it no longer a question if cannabis is harmful or not harmful.  It is no longer a question as to if cannabis is medically valuable or not.   The question now is, regulation or legalization?

Those who want to secure high profits for themselves while so many others go to jail for this amazing plant want regulations, and want to keep cannabis “medical only”.   That way they have a legal nitch, which is exclusive and yields high profits for a select few (a monopoly, or oligopoly).

There are those that think cannabis should be free to all without restrictions, or the corporate corruption that we see in other industries.  Some hold cannabis to be of the most sacred sacraments in their faith.  Some see cannabis as one of the greatest blessings given from mother earth.  Some only see dollar signs.

See some examples of what cannabis could become, which is what leads me to believe it should be legalized for all, like Dr. Timothy Leary accomplished on May 19th 1969 for a short time.   The examples below are also a possibility.

Monopolies and the Cannabis Market
What is a monopoly?

The REAL corporate vampire in our midst:

Big pharma now growing cannabis…

We waited this this long to legalize so that all of these greedy pot moguls could figure out how to get rich.
Now big pharm has got their hands around the industry.
Lets not forget about the 150 patents that big pharma has on cannabis either.

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