Craig Beresh (SoCal NORML) vindicated by Keith Stroup according to The Weedly News

As I have been on this topic, of “divide and conquer” and since I have been recently reporting on the actions of some cannabis advocates in leadership roles. It should be pointed out that the director of Southern California NORML has been vindicated after losing his position due to attacks from the ASA in San Diego.

According to William West of the Weedly News, this is an email from Keith Stroup:

From: Keith Stroup []
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 6:01 AM
To: Craig Beresh
Subject: Re: liable attacks

I posted this
to the Facebook site Wisdom
Organics this morning.

This is totally inaccurate and has no basis in fact. We asked Craig to step aside hoping that would help end the ongoing feud between SD NORML and SD ASA, which was at least equally the fault of Eugene Davidovich. Unfortunately this has not been the result. Instead some in the pro-ASA, medical users-only crowd have continued to add fuel to the fire by posting uninformed and intentionally harmful allegations about Craig. Aaron Wisdom is the latest to engage in this counterproductive activity.

For those who truly care about achieving a better marijuana policy in San Diego, please make it clear to these few who would rather continue an internecine feud that they are truly hurting the legalization movement by their childish and immature conduct.
None of us are perfect, and I am sure Craig has made mistakes in his work over the years. But he has never done anything that would raise doubts about either his honesty or his total commitment to legalizing the responsible use of marijuana by adults, regardless of why they smoke.
Keith Stroup
NORML Legal Counsel
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Im glad Keith released this, it was a great decision, and it also lends an insight to the problems that the movement is facing as of late.

We will cover this on our show tomorrow as well:

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