Dave Bilsland Advocate for the less fortunate

Dave Bilsland is a guy I have met here in Spokane who quite honestly Ive yelled at.
But as a charming Irish gentleman, and a good political eagle Dave has not so much as raised his voice back. Dave has been a gentleman and fellow concerned citizen working for improving the lives of those around him.

I had some how missed this about Dave, though I had heard Dave speak about this, I didn’t actually know much about his structure and his professional approach to repealing the shelter ordinance in Spokane.

Dave’s participation in organizing: “Help 4 the Homeless” Contribution Drive is a really great story for inspiration as an activist.
I just got done telling Dave on facebook that even when I was homeless I didn’t accomplish as much for the homeless as Dave has.

My main drive has been to legalize cannabis as I believe it will benefit the other 99% who don’t have family wealth to rely on. Those who earn their money, including homeless and others. I think legalizing cannabis/hemp we will create a few more jobs and have some great products to produce out of locally grown hemp.

Dave Bilsland and many activists here in Spokane know about this as well. I am blessed to know how active this community is, and how when I came back to this city, I was simply comforted to hear through the grapevine that there was going to be a dispensary in Spokane, and when I heard about the dispensary I quickly got my recommend, as I had been a patient for many years for my condition.

After that there was some troubles, and NORML announced that they would be having some meetings. Of which I attended just about all of them from 2009 forward.

I was blessed to have met briefly some great activists, including a few who are involved in pushing the I-1149 campaign. Doug Hiatt was at a few meetings. It was good.

We have disagreed and we have had good times, all in all I just wanted to say cheers to David Bilsland, and thanks for all you are doing and thanks to those supportive members of this community who work together to see a brighter future for liberty in our state and our world!

I got this from the Sensible Spokane website:

Raising Awareness

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People 4 People Putting a face on Homelessness

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Spokane rousts homeless camp

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Homeles advocates blast Spokane camping law

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