Dawning of a new day – Emerald Sun

We are in the midst of getting Emerald Sun’s Design Studio open. Our grand opening is St. Paddy’s day which is only 11 days out. So as things go for us, we are busy.

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring NORML in two ways with our new venture.

1. We are donating 5% of all sales to WA NORML until May 10th 2010.
2. We are running banner ads and audio ads on the NORML Stash (NORML Live)

Have a listen to our audio ad that will be played on NORML Live

We are honored to be able to participate and we love NORML!
Congrats on the CBS ad NORML!   (

In other news, we released this plugin for WordPress today. This is GentleSource’s software, but we modified it so that it would create shortlinks from SLU2.com by default. With this plugin, you can automatically have social networking via twitter at the bottom of each blog post, and a view only needs to click on the twitter icon to tweet your post, with a shortened URL from www.SLU2.com (Sensi Life).

Short Linking WordPress Plugin

Also if you haven’t signed it yet, PLEASE sign the petition for I-1068 (WA).
If you don’t know where to sign, come to our grand opening.
Here is a list of places that you can sign as well.

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