DEA back at it in Spokane, the one last true coop is getting raided!

I have gotten word that the one last true coop in Spokane is being raided right now.
Medical Herb Providers at 306 North Freya St., Spokane WA is being raided as we speak.
The report from the store volunteers is that several local cops accompanied by one federal agent is currently in their store detaining the other volunteers and it has been going on for several hours.

I call MHP the one last true coop in Spokane as they are one of few that included the community in so many ways, and allowed for signature gathering at their location for I-1149.
My heart goes out to them, as they blessed our family very much.

In the true community spirit, please get down to MHP and protest this injustice!
View Larger Map,+Spokane&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=0x549e18abf8629b1d:0x40f6466958fbae7f,306+N+Freya+St,+Spokane,+WA+99202&gl=us&daddr=306+N+Freya+St,+Spokane,+WA+99202&z=16

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