DEA ignores the AMA’s new position on marijuana

Drug Bottle Containing Cannabis
Drug Bottle Containing Cannabis

Learning about medical history in the USA has opened my eyes to what our failed drug war is all about.

For many decades in our country cannabis was used in many effective, mainstream medicines.

I could post at length about pre-prohibition medicine.  But instead I will just show some of this medicine and provide some links to some good information that I’ve found.

The photo on the left is Cannabis Indica Fluid Extract, manufactured by American Druggists Syndicate.

These antique medicine bottles containing cannabis can be found in many collections, because for many years in America cannabis was considered a safe and effective medicine.

It wasn’t until 1937 when Harry Anslinger and William Randolf Hearst in combination with large corporations like Dupont decided to ‘weed out’ their competition by prohibiting Cannabis, Hemp and anything related to the cannabis plant.  This happened via the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 which the government made by didn’t assign stamps.

Hemp which is also non-toxic, does not even get a person high no matter how much they smoke was made illegal, and which shows that absolute insanity or “Reefer Madness” behind the issue at those times.

Hemp is of the strongest and most productive fiber in the world!  Yet it is illegal to grow in the USA?!

Reefer Madness Poster 1936
Reefer Madness Poster 1936

This madness carried on in a number of sensational shows that portrayed cannabis consumers as devious, murderous, criminals that should be locked up because marijuana made them insane.  The show “Reefer Madness” has become a cult classic because of how ridicules it is, and it was originally distributed by our government as propaganda in support of prohibition.

A person can watch this movie these days and think that they are watching someone on crack or meth by the portrayal of the cannabis consumers in this movie, even though it is common knowledge that cannabis consumers are not the violent criminals as portrayed in yester-year.

A whole series of deceptive propaganda films came out in this time just before the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 passed.

It is only recently that cannabis has re-entered modern pharmacia as safe and effective medicine.  The American Medical Association (The AMA) which is the largest organization of physicians in the US now joins a list of other well respected medical provider organizations in support cannabis as medicine.

Cannabis Bottle
Cannabis Bottle

But even though there is all of this support for medical cannabis.  Even though the government’s own studies show that cannabis has never caused an overdose, and even though the people vote for these laws to change on prohibition.  The DEA and some local law enforcement condemn the drug, despite the will of the people.

And so after reading an article on (Marijuana Policy Project), I learned that the DEA who once had many citations from the American Medical Association has been in the process of removing their links to the American Medical Association since the AMA made their announcement about their change of plans.

This article “What does the DEA’s website matter” explains the reasons behind the DEA’s former support of the AMA, and goes into this issue of the DEA denouncing the AMA now and removing links from the AMA off their website.

The hypocritical Drug Enforcement Agency endorses, and references the AMA when the AMA’s research supports their agenda.  But as soon as the AMA endorses medical marijuana, the DEA denounces the value of the AMA’s research.

Reference this page from a few days ago at MPP.  “The DEA Ignores the AMA’s New Policy

Some US agencies just hate to see a good war end.  Even when it’s a war on their own people.  😡

I am glad that the American Medical Association finally came to their senses after all of these years!  At least with all of this regress in liberty, we are seeing SOME progress!

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