Dedicated to my little bro, Justin Thompson

This is dedicated to my brother Justin, born 1986, died shortly after his birthday in 2002.   He was 16. 

Justin, like most teens had problems with depression.  But unlike most teens, Justin lived in Utah.   What is significant about that is Utah is very strict on marijuana laws, but over all more Utahans are addicted to prescription medication than anywhere in the US.  Twice the national average.  Salt Lake as much as 3 times as much as L.A. and 3 times as much as New York. 

I encourage you to research those numbers more, they are scarey.

You can start with this if you want to:
Justin had problem with depression like I said.  It was a compromising condition to be in while in Utah.  Justin had on occassion smoked marijuana, and it made him feel better.  A few months before Justin died he was prescribed some doctor prescribed anti-depressants, and also a prescription for anti-anxiety medication.   Was a strong cocktail by the sounds of it.

Needless to say, the medication didn’t work for it’s intended purpose, and they would be what lead to Justin’s death. (Justin died from the toxic side-effects of a cocktail of medicines that they were giving him * for simple teenage depression and anxiety *)

In contrast to this.  Just a few months before was feel very good.  He seemed very optimistic about life in general.  He got in to an alternative High School in Utah that would allow him to go to school different hours.  I would regularly take him to school and pick him up.

Justin was smoking marijuana infrequently.  Sometimes when he would be feeling blue, he would smoke some.  It would make him feel better.

About a month before Justin died, Justin asked me if I would smoke some with him.  I declined because of a life changing religious experience that I had, and I was trying to be a good example for him.
He knew that I didn’t have a problem with smoking pot, I had smoked for 10 years.  Other than it was illegal in Utah, and I thought that I would try to be a good example by going without EVERYTHING.   I had quit smoking tobacco, stopped drinking alcohol, stopped using all other illicit drugs that I used a variety of on an infrequent basis before I had this life changing experience. 

So I told him no.  But I took him with me for a drive in my new car to the mall, and we had a blast!  We had some kids throw a smowball at us and it hit my window really hard.  So we chased them down, and they ended up running into their mummy’s house.  LOL 

We did a lot of that.  I had bought Justin a gym membership, and we went to the gym a lot too. 

But he just couldn’t shake the depression.

I personally think if he would have had better access to marijuana, he would have survived longer. 

See this video:

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann interviews a bold and honest physician/pediatrician from the University of Southern California who explains how medical cannabis can be used to treat ADD in children. Its a great video.
Thanks for your time!   Peace!
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