Denied the ability to serve again

I was a 19 year old kid that goes into the military recruitment office in Provo Utah.
I was only about 100 lbs, and I didn’t have a lot to offer physically.   So they ran me through a pre-ASVAB test, and I scored really high.  After that I had both the Airforce and the Marines trying to recruit me.
I was really wanting to be a part of the Airforce and I have forever as long back as I can remember, wanted to fly an airplane.

But there were a few last technicalities.  They had not ran a background check or tested my pee yet.
When the recruiter ran my background check two tickets for marijuana showed up.  I was shut down.  They said if it was only one ticket they could probably work around that.   But with two, there as no hope.

So I moved on in life.  I drifted around for a few years.  Found a relationship with Christ in my life, and my life steadily improved.

After all of these years of being blessed, I am always on the lookout for a way to be helpful, and give back.
This last year, I came across the Tough Mudder event (
I researched what this was all about, and who their charity is.   They give to the Wounded Warrior Project, and Tough Mudder has donated over 5 million dollars to this project.  I made the connection  “I couldn’t serve my country like my forefathers, but I can serve the men and women who have bravely served.

I am glad that I wasn’t able serve in active duty military because the end result would be that I would be put in a position to kill or be killed, and I just did not believe in that war enough to either kill or be killed.   So that was a relief.  Not that I wasn’t wiling.  But it was a blessing in disguise.

But with the Tough Mudder event, I could prove some things to myself.  I could also contribute to the Wounded Warrior Project.  I believe in the Wounded Warrior Project because I know a lot of these men and women come home from war with PTSD, and our government is not taking very good care of them.  These foundations that help our soldiers I believe in, especially with the reputation of the Wounded Warrior Project..

On May 3rd, I was denied service to my country once more when I was hit by a Iraq Veteran, likely suffering from PTSD, and self medicating with alcohol who hit me in a head on collision while he was driving the wrong way on the freeway (I-5), going at about 70 miles an hour.   This is the exact thing I was working on with whatever help I could give with Tough Mudder.  Getting treatment for our torn men and women who come home from battle is a major goal of mine.  This is a fine example of why it is so important.

I will not be able to complete the course this year, but I hope to be in good enough shape next year to complete one of these courses.

This is my video blog from April talking about the tough mudder.     (not the right video, Im having trouble finding the right one)


This is my video about how I was denied to serve in this function based on this car accident.

I ask that people please lift our soldiers up in prayer.  They go to war for what ever reason, but when they return they do not always get the care that they need.

Below are pictures of this car accident that ruined my go at this Tough Mudder event.
But I am glad that I was driving a Ford Expedition, because that is the only thing that saved me in this accident.
The other driver did not make it. I am really blessed to have survived!

Free and on the loose again
Free and on the loose again

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Thank God for good meds!!


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